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Your Favorite Swimsuits – Shopper Feedback Day

Yesterday we took a look at shopper reviews to highlight some of your favorite bras. Today, we’re going to do the same thing to help you find some of our shoppers’ favorite swimsuits! We’ll show you which swimsuits get the best reviews in the three main categories: bikinis, tankinis and one-piece swimsuits. Hopefully this will help you kick-start your holiday shopping during our Five Days of Thanksgiving Sales starting tomorrow!

Your Favorite Bikini Swimwear
Ladies, the bikini category was super competitive! You love your bikinis, and many of our bikinis got a ton of reviews by women who wanted to share their love for their new favorite swimwear. Because the competition was so fierce, we narrowed it down to two bikini options: the Freya Eclipse Underwire Plunge Bikini Top 9563 and the Freya Pier Underwire Halter Bikini Top 3019.

The Freya Eclipse Underwire Plunge Bikini Top 9563 is one of the best-reviewed bikini tops we offer, with outstanding reviews of 5 out of 5 stars across 8 reviews. The most commented features of this bikini top are that it’s attractive, comfortable, a good size and fit, flattering and high-quality. Women say it’s great for the beach, swimming, tanning and boating or sailing. This minimalist plunge underwire bikini top lets your body hold the attention, although cute sweetheart detailing on the left strap adds a nice finishing touch.

The other bikini top that could not be denied is the Freya Pier Underwire Halter Bikini Top 3019, with an average review of 4.9 out of 5 stars across 9 reviews. Women comment that this bikini top is flattering, a good size and fit, attractive, comfortable and high-quality. The best uses are the same as the Eclipse bikini top, with the beach and swimming being the most popular. This bikini top features a cute polka dot theme with ruffles down the neckline for an added touch of embellishment. A great choice for a day in the water – or next to it!

Your Favorite Tankini Swimsuits
Tankinis were another hotly contested category, with many of our tankini tops receiving favorable reviews. Many of our shoppers’ favorite tankinis are from lines that are no longer active, so we have limited stock – check it out, though, to see whether we have any of the best tankinis in your size! Of the lines that are still active, shoppers chose the Freya Cabaret Underwire Plunge Tankini Top 3079 as their favorite, with a rating of 4.8 out f 5 stars across 6 reviews. Women rate this tankini as attractive, comfortable, flattering, a good size and fit, and high quality. Its best uses include wearing to the beach and swimming.

Your Favorite One Piece Swimsuit
Our one piece swimsuits are another category where many women favorably reviewed swimsuits that are part of lines that aren’t active anymore, but we do still have limited stock in some of these, so check them out! Of our active one piece swimsuit options, the favorite was the Fantasie of England Bahamas One Piece Underwire Swimsuit 8009. This swimsuit gets a 4.2 out of 5 stars across 29 reviews. Women rate this swimsuit as attractive, a good size and fit, flattering, comfortable and high-quality. The most popular best uses were swimming and the beach, but women also use it for tanning, sailing and watersports. If you prefer the fuller coverage of the one-piece swimsuit, check it out!

And don’t forget, ladies – the Five Days of Thanksgiving Sales start tomorrow! Take advantage of these great sales to kick-start your holiday savings and treat yourself to a great new bra, swimsuit or shaper!

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