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Yes, You CAN Wear Shapewear in August!


August is right around the corner – the hottest month of the year for most of us! When it’s super hot outside, most people want to wear less. The idea of wearing form-fitted shapewear that hugs your skin and retains heat can be absolutely oppressive. Fortunately, here at Big Girls Bras we’ve got a great selection of shapewear for you – including shapewear you can wear even in the hot weather of August!

How to Shop for Hot Weather Shapewear
A few things you want to look for when you’re shopping for shapewear to wear in hot weather:

  • Avoid cotton – it locks in moisture and takes forever to dry
  • Look for light, sheer fabrics over most of the shaper
  • Shop for moisture-wicking, comfortable fabrics, such as microfiber

Shapers tend to be designed in a few key ways. Some shapers are made from reinforced fabric for all-over control. Other shapers contain light, sheer fabric throughout, with reinforced control panels in key areas to provide the shaping. If you’re looking for a hot-weather shaper, the latter is what you want. The sheer fabric sections let the heat escape, while the reinforced shaping panels provide the shaping you want.

Body Briefers that Won’t Make You Suffer in the August Heat!
Based on the criteria we’ve outlined above, we’ve got a great selection of body briefers that won’t make you suffer on the hot August days ahead:

These great shapers feature sheer panels, breathable fabrics and customizable control. Or now that you’re armed with the tips you need to buy warm-weather shapers, browse our complete selection of body briefers to find exactly what you’re looking for!

Focus on Specific Areas and Enjoy Less Coverage
Alternately, if you just don’t want to wear something that covers your entire torso, you can focus on shapewear that offers less coverage, but provides control in key areas that you want to shape. If you browse our Shapewear page, you’ll see:

By focusing on a particular body part, you can reduce the size of your shaper – and thus the heat retention possibility. When you’re shopping for shapewear that offers specific coverage, keep in mind that you want to look for light, breathable fabrics when possible – microfiber is great in hot weather. Avoid cotton – it’s fine in the winter but in hot weather, it just retains moisture next to your skin.

Don’t let the hot weather get you down! Look and feel great even on hot, humid days in our fabulous warm-weather shapewear. If you have any questions on where to start, give us a call or hit us on Facebook for particular recommendations!

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