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Have You Seen This Year’s Fantasy Bra? $10 Million!

Every year, one of the well-known national bra retailers designs a new “Fantasy Bra” – which they unveil at their annual fashion show. Last month, this year’s Fantasy Bra was revealed! Have you seen it yet? Some sneak peak photos were released a few weeks ago, and this year’s $10 MILLION fantasy bra is certainly a looker! Would you feel comfortable wearing a $10 million bra? What about a $100+ bra? Today we’ll take a look at this year’s Fantasy Bra – and some more realistic versions that could be a fantasy come true for the average girl!

The $10 Million 2013 Fantasy Bra
This year’s Fantasy Bra, which will be modeled by Candice Swanepoel in December, is called the “Royal Fantasy Bra.” This year’s bra is done in red and blue, and features a diamond bow in honor of the British royal family. The bra and matching belt features over 4,200 precious gems! You’ll see rubies, diamonds and yellow sapphires set in 18-carat gold. And to top it off, the bra features a 52-carat pear-shaped ruby dangling from the center gore! It’s definitely a beautiful piece, but I can’t imagine wearing it! Can you?

What Would Your Fantasy Bra Look Like?
Personally, while I think this year’s Fantasy Bra is one of my favorites, I can’t imagine wearing it! How much do you think a bra made of gold and set with over 4,200 precious gems would weigh? And I’d imagine it can’t be comfortable encrusted with all of those stones.

While it’s beautiful, the Fantasy Bra definitely isn’t practical. If you could have your very own Fantasy Bra – something a little more realistic – what would it be? Would you want something uber comfortable? Something with beautiful lace and embroidery? Something made with the finest materials? If that sounds good, take a look at some of our very own fantasy bras – some of our favorite bras by our top luxury brands!

Check Out Some of Our Top Luxury Brands to Enjoy Your Own Version of a Fantasy Bra
Our top luxury brands have a lot to offer women who are looking for their very own fantasy bra – in a slightly more affordable price range! Many of our high-end bras are priced around $100, and they offer the best of all worlds: incredible comfort, exquisite lace and embroidery, and high-quality materials you simply won’t find in lower-priced bras! Plus the shaping is super flattering – I love how I look when I wear my “splurge” bras! If that sounds like something you might like in your wardrobe for a special occasion, or maybe even just to treat yourself on a dreary Tuesday afternoon, take a look at our top luxury brands:

So far my personal favorite is Conturelle, although Empreinte and Prima Donna bras are great, too! I don’t have any personal experience yet with the other luxury brands (a girl can only buy so many of these at a time before feeling a little indulgent!) but our shoppers love them. Which is your favorite?

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