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Would You Customize Your Bra?

On Friday, we talked about this summer’s fashion trend of visible bras under sheer shirts. (Did you see Halle Berry at the 2012 Toronto International Film Festival this weekend? This trend just keeps on growing!) Today, we’re looking at a more homely trend that might appeal to many of us, whether or not we’d wear them out in public: the trend of customizing bras. Some women hand-paint bras with fun or unique designs to make them original. One woman has designed a “Bra-Dazzler” to create sparkly, glitzy bras! What do you think of these trends? Would you like to customize your bra?

Hand-Painted Bras for the Inner Geek
One woman on Etsy has become popular for her crazy, unique hand-painted bras. We featured one of her bras on our Facebook page last month – a hand-painted XBOX360 controller – and several of our fans LOVED it! She also does a wide range of geeky designs if video games aren’t quite your thing, like a computer-nerdy copy paste bra, a sci-fi Star Trek bra, a nostalgic Ninja Turtle bra, and a super-heroine Wonder Woman bra! If you’re the kind of woman who knows how to embrace her inner geek, you’ll love this type of customization! And if you’re really creative, you can do something like this yourself!

Bra-Dazzler Makes Waves
Another bra customization trend that’s making waves is an FSU student’s “bra-dazzler.” This college junior bedazzled her bustier for a concert in January, and made an instant splash in the eclectic music scene! She was bombarded with requests for custom bedazzled bras by women at the concert, and she’s begun a small business of bra-dazzling for her avid fans. If your inner 90s girl loves rhinestones, sequins and studs, this type of bra customization can be a lot of fun. And you can create your own look with a little time and a Bedazzler of your own!

The Best Bras for Customizing!
This type of bra customization isn’t for everyone, but the women who love it REALLY love it. And the best thing is, if you’ve got a little time and creativity, you can make your own great bra customizations! The runaway Etsy success consists entirely of hand-painted bras – something anyone can do! And the new bra-dazzling craze is also something a crafty woman can do with her own Bedazzler.

The best part about customizing your own bras is that you get to pick the bras! Select your favorite bra, in a size that works for you, and you’ve already got a bra you’ll love! If you want to do your own bra customization and don’t know where to start, here are a few of our best bras to serve as a blank canvas for your creativity:

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