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Working Out? Find the Right Sports Bra!

Sports bras are traditionally used for working out, and many of today’s most popular sports bras reflect the evolution of materials, technology and design features to make them more supportive and more comfortable for women working out. The right sports bra for your workout depends on what type of workout you want to do, your bust size and the types of bras you find comfortable. Here at Big Girls’ Bras, we want to make sure you’re using the best sports bra for your workout. Here’s what you need to know when you’re shopping for a sports bra for working out:

The Impact of Your Workout Determines the Sports Bra for You

Sports bras are commonly divided into high-impact and low-impact categories. What this means is that if you’re doing a high-impact activity, you need a sports bra designed to provide maximum support and reduce bounce. If you’re doing a low-impact activity, you can go with a more comfortable sports bra that might not provide the same level of support and bounce reduction; but it doesn’t need to offer that if you’re doing a low-impact exercise.

High impact activities include things like running, vollyball, mountain biking and other activities where you’re prone to bouncing. Low-impact activities include things like walking, yoga, riding a recumbent bike and doing weight work. Low-impact sports bras are typically more comfortable and provide a better range of motion, but lack the support necessary for high-impact activities.

Bust Size may Limit Your Sports Bra Options

If you’ve got a big bust, you may simply need to look for a sports bra that features a more supportive design. Big-busted women may not have the best experience wearing some of the soft-cup bras, because many of them lack the support necessary for a big-bust, or may stretch under the weight and pressure of a big-bust. If you’re a big-busted woman, look for a sports bra that features thick straps, underwires, crossover backs and other supportive design features. You can wear any sports bra that fits, but if you don’t buy a particularly supportive bra, you may find yourself drooping or sagging.

What’s Comfortable in a Sports Bra?

Comfort is a very subjective thing in a sports bra. Many women prefer soft-cup sports bras because they’re “comfortable.” But more and more bra designers are looking to certain types of fabrics and designs to increase comfort in their sports bras. Moisture-wicking fabric can help keep you comfortable by keeping you dry during a workout. Breathable fabrics keep you cooler during a workout, thus increasing your comfort. And if you don’t have the support you need during a workout, you won’t be comfortable. Think about what comfort features you like when you’re shopping for a sports bra so you can get the right bra for your needs.

Bottom line: shopping for a sports bra, like any other type of bra, is subjective. The best sports bra for you depends on the type of activity you’re doing, your bust size and what you find comfortable. Browse our collection of sports bras to find the best sports bra for your lifestyle and workout needs.

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