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Have You Ever Wondered What Type of Bra to Wear, When?

9-30-type-bra-wear-whenWhether you love your bras or find them a necessary evil, there’s no question that they’re an essential part of our everyday lives. But as bras have become more popular (this is a huge industry today, ladies!) they’ve diverged into a dizzying array of styles and types. So how do you decide when to wear which bra? Which bra is best for date night, or just lounging around the house? We’ve done our best to demystify bra styles for you – check out our Bra Styles Revealed guide!

Check Out Our New Bra Type Guide
If you haven’t seen it already, you should really go take a look at our new guide: Bra Styles Revealed: What, When and Who. We’ve tried to answer the most common questions about all of our bra types. Who should wear a posture bra, for example? Or when should you wear a longline bra? Or when *not* to wear a certain type of bra. Is a demi bra right for your body? What about a balcony bra? Wonder no more – take a look at our Bra Style Guide and find out what to wear, when!

Bras for Date Night
For work or lounging around the house, most of us will throw on pretty much any old bra (even if we shouldn’t!) But for date night, many of us take a little more care. So which bra is right for date night? The most common date night bras are:

Seeing a theme here? Women love to enhance the assets and be wearing something sexy – just in case!

Bras for Around the House
When you’re doing chores around the house or just hanging out, what bra do you wear? Hint: it shouldn’t just be the oldest, most broken-down bra you own! Or the one that needs to go in the laundry. If you have the right bra for around the house, you’ll be a lot more comfortable when you lounge:

Bras for Work
When we go to work, we tend to dress in a certain way. But what that is depends on where we work! If you work in an office, for example, you’re probably going for a professional look, so you may want to wear minimizer bras or full cup bras. On the other hand, if you stand or sit at a desk all day and find yourself uncomfortable at the end of the day, you might want a posture bra. But if you work as a waitress or in a tip-oriented profession, you might find that you earn more cash when you’re wearing a padded bra or push-up bra. (Hey, I think it stinks, too, but them’s the facts!)

So there is no “right” bra to wear to work – it just depends on where you work and what kind of look you’re going for. Trick question, right?

Have any questions about what type of bra is right for you? Hit us on Facebook after you’ve taken a look at our new Bra Styles Revealed guide!

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