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What Do Women Want in a Swimsuit?


This spring, a popular swimsuit designer polled women to find out what women really want when they’re shopping for a swimsuit. This survey found that almost nine out of ten (89%) of women feel that wearing a swimsuit is extremely exposing. Because of this feeling of exposure, 98% of the women polled were looking for proper fit in any swimsuit they’d consider buying.

What Constitutes a Great Fit?
What constitutes the “great fit” that women are looking for? The answer varies depending on the woman! For some of us, it’s a swimsuit that makes us feel comfortable. For others, it’s a swimsuit that highlights certain areas. Or some women want a swimsuit that minimizes specific areas. Ultimately, what women want in a great fit comes down to four key fit solutions:

Swimsuits to Flatten the Tummy Area
78% of women who were polled were looking for swimsuits to flatten the tummy area. Obviously this is something that 4 out of 5 of us can relate to! It’s the sad truth that body changes often start with a little softness in the tummy area. We’ve got a lot of great swimsuits to help flatten the tummy area, but some of our favorites are swimsuits by Magicsuit and Miraclesuit. Many of these swimsuits are designed around the premise of flattening or minimizing the tummy, so you really can’t go wrong with one of these great swimsuit brands!

Swimsuits to Enhance the Bust Area
The next most common fit concern was women who are looking for swimsuits to enhance the bust area – something that 49% of us would like! Fortunately, our designers have some answers for that, too! Aerin Rose has a great demi cup swimsuit top that highlights women who were lucky enough to be born with great boobs, and Swim Systems has several great push-up options for women who want a little extra help – the PinUp Push Up and the Ultimate PushUp Swimsuit Top are a few of our favorites!

Swimsuits to Slim Hips
Almost as many women are looking for swimsuits that help slim the hips, with a whopping 48% of us self-conscious about this critical area. There are a few great tricks you can use to slim the hips. One is to go with a swimsuit that offers more emphasis and structure on the top – i.e. the bust and shoulder region – to help balance out the body. This can be done with a great print, or the way a swimsuit is cut on top. The other way to slim hips is with a great design – again, this is an area where Magic Suit and Miraclesuit really come through!

Swimsuits to Help Conceal Thighs
Finally, the other big fit issue is women looking for swimsuit designs to help conceal the thighs – 48% of us are concerned about this one, too! Swim skirts and swim dresses are great to help with that. Aerin Rose has some great swim skirts – one of my favorites is the Aerin Rose Twilight Tulip Swim Skirt – and Aerin Rose also offers a great swimdress! But this is such a common fit concern that many of our designers offer something to help combat it, so you really can’t go wrong no matter which designer you prefer.

What do you think, ladies? What do you look for in a swimsuit? Does this cover it, or is there something else you think the poll missed?

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