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Why You Should Wear a Bra

We here at Big Girls’ Bras occasionally take a look around the Web to find out what questions women have about bras. Many women seem to have questions about bra fit and different types of bras, which we endeavor to answer through the blog, through the site and when women call us to place orders. However, one surprising question pops up again and again – why should women wear a bra in the first place? There’s a surprising amount of misinformation around the Web about wearing a bra, so it seemed like a good idea to explore this question and debunk some of the anti-bra myths.

You Should Wear a Bra. Period.
A surprising number of women seem to wonder why they should wear a bra, when they should wear a bra or even if they should wear a bra. The bottom line is that you should wear a bra. Period. Bras serve a lot of purposes, ranging from socially acceptable to absolutely vital. No matter your circumstances, you should wear a bra.

Bras Provide Support.
First and foremost, you should wear a bra because bras provide support for your bust. Many women don’t seem to realize how vital this is. Without proper support, your breasts may stretch and droop over time. If you don’t wear a good sports bra when you work out, you can actually tear the ligaments in your chest and damage your bust. If you’ve got anything over an A or B cup, you absolutely need a bra for support. Going bra-less is not only unflattering – it can cause medical damage to your breasts.

Bras Offer Shaping.
From a vanity perspective, bras offer flattering shaping under your clothes. Whether you’re an A cup or a G cup, a good bra helps to flatter your silhouette and make you look trimmer and healthier. Bras affect the way the clothes hang on your body, and help flatter your figure. Many women wear bras for the shaping they provide, and this is a large factor when women choose what types of bras to wear.

Bras are Socially Acceptable.
Good bras offer another important feature, whether you’ve got a large or small bust – they’re socially acceptable. A padded bra or molded cup bra not only provides shaping and support, but it also prevents your nipples from showing through your clothes. Don’t fool yourself, ladies – this is never a flattering look!

Bra Myths and Misinformation – and Why it Isn’t True.
Many women believe varying degrees of misinformation about wearing a bra, which affects how often or even if they wear a bra. Some women believe that wearing a bra, or a bra with an underwire, causes breast cancer. Other women believe that wearing a bra for too long can cause your breasts to become misshapen. Neither of these things is true. In fact, breast cancer is caused by a variety of environmental and dietary factors, and failing to wear a bra can cause your breasts to become misshapen – not the other way around.

Don’t fall victim to the misinformation trying to persuade you not to wear a bra. Wearing a bra is the right thing to do – from a medical vantage, a social perspective and even for vanity’s sake. Wearing the right bra is always sexier than no bra at all, and wearing a bra can prolong the life and health of your breasts.

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