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Why You Need a Plus Size Sports Bra for High-Impact Activities

Whether you’re an ‘average’ size woman, or whether you wear plus size bras or large-busted bras, it’s important for you to wear the proper bra for what you’re doing. If you’re just lounging around the house, a lounge bra or a soft-cup bra is fine to support your bust. For all-day support, you’ll typically need something with a bit more support, like an underwire bra or a more structured bra. And when you’re active, you need a high impact plus size sports bra.

Sports Bras Protect Your Bust
Many women don’t realize it, but when you work out, you’re putting a strain on your breasts. If your breasts move around excessively when you have an active workout, you can actually stretch the ligaments that anchor the breasts, which can cause the breasts to stretch out of shape and become droopy. Over years of workouts, this can turn into sag and cause your breasts to age prematurely. How can you prevent this stretching and keep your breasts in the same great shape as your body? Wear a women’s plus size sports bra when you work out to provide the support your body needs.

Support is Vital in a Sports Bra
When you’re shopping for a sports bra for big girls, it’s vital to look for a bra that provides the right support. Some plus size cotton sports bra designs or cheap plus size sports bra manufacturers offer sports bras that are more appropriate for loungewear. These bras don’t have the structure and design to hold and support your bust while working out heavily. Some of these bra designs might work for low-impact sports, such as yoga, but aren’t great for high-impact supports.

The Best Plus Size Sports Bra for High-Impact Activities
The best full-figure sports bra for high impact activities is more a type of design than a specific bra. Look for a sports bra with structure; the Enell Sports Bra, as seen on Oprah, is one of the best examples of a good sports bra. The Enell Sports Bra completely supports your bust even in heavy workouts, with a front designed not to lose shape when sweaty, and a back that’s reinforced for bigger busts. The Enell Sports Bra is also made from a moisture-wicking material that keeps sweat away from the skin.

Natori Sport Underwire BraAnother good example of the best big girl sports bra is the Shock Absorber Level 4D Plus Max Sports Bra Top. This is another bra that has great structure to provide support and restrict movement while you work out. If you want to avoid uniboob, try something like the Natori Sport Underwire Sports Bra. The Natori sports bra has seamless cups, reinforced sides, non-stretch straps and underwires to provide the support you need while working out.

Remember: the important thing when shopping for a plus size sports bra for high-impact activities is to find a bra that provides the support and structure you need. Look for a bra that will hold your bust in place while you exercise to prevent long-term damage to your bust.

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