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Why New Moms-to-Be Need New Bras!


Becoming a mother is a great blessing, but it also entails big changes! Impending motherhood creates big changes in our bodies, which we greet in different manners. Some lucky women find that pregnancy agrees with them immensely, and get the beautiful pregnancy glow. Other women find pregnancy more difficult, and may even resist the changes to their body that come along with creating a new life. Unfortunately, refusing to acknowledge and accommodate those changes can lead to discomfort, and even long-term consequences!

Would You Buy Maternity Clothes?
Seems like an obvious question, right? When you’re pregnant, of course you’d buy maternity clothes. But not every woman feels that way. Women avoid buying maternity clothes for a variety of reasons – they don’t want to feel “big” or they don’t want to spend a lot of money on clothes that they’ll only wear for a few months, or something else entirely.

I have a friend who refused to buy maternity clothes until she was 7 months, when we had to practically drag her into a store because she was living in a pair of sweats and an oversized t-shirt (that was starting to get way too snug). When she finally gave in and bought a pair of maternity pants, with the comfortable, supportive band that hugs the baby belly, she was shocked by the difference it made! She immediately experienced a decrease in back pain, as the clothes helped support the weight of her growing belly, and she had a lot more freedom of movement (and comfort!) with the new pants.

Unfortunately, even when women do acknowledge the changes and buy a maternity wardrobe, they often neglect the maternity bras. But if this is the kind of difference a pair of pants can make, imagine what a difference a good bra would make!

Your Body Changes During Pregnancy
There’s no point in denying it – your body changes during pregnancy. And a big part of those changes involve your breasts. They gain cup sizes as your body prepares to produce milk to feed your new baby, and breasts often become more sensitive, full and heavy as a pregnancy progresses. Trying to stuff them into the same old bras you wore before pregnancy is a mistake, which can have both short-term and long-term consequences!

Maternity and nursing bras are designed to accommodate these changes to your body. Mothers-to-be need good, supportive bras, and maternity bras are designed to be more robust and provide that support. They tend to offer more generous cups, sometimes with the ability to stretch somewhat to accommodate your body as your breast size fluctuates. As you get into nursing, you’ll want bras that are easy to open, and that will accommodate pads or are lined in the event that you experience leakage.

Don’t be like my friend and live in denial of the changes that come along with pregnancy. Invest in a good, comfortable maternity wardrobe – that includes good maternity bras! Your back, neck and shoulders will thank you for good, supportive bras; your breasts will feel more comfortable; and some doctors even suggest that a good, supportive bra can help mitigate somewhat the long-term affects your pregnancy has on your breasts.

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