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Why Models Love Push-Up Bras!


Models grace practically every element of our media, from magazine covers to television ads for pretty much anything – to the product images here on the Big Girls Bras website! As much as they may seem flawless, most of those models aren’t picture perfect when they wake up every morning. It takes a lot of elements to create the images we see – from the perfect make-up job to the perfect hair to the perfect… bra? That’s right! Models have a favorite bra: the push-up bra. Why do models love the push-up bra so much?

The Secret to Being a Model
The secret to being a model isn’t flawless skin or eyes that perfect shade of blue – all of those little things can be enhanced with things like make-up, colored contacts and the right stylist. No, the secret to being a model is all in the proportions! Models look so beautiful to us because their features are symmetrical and proportional. In fact, there’s science behind this: body symmetry is based on numbers like “The Golden Ratio” – numbers that describe the perfect ideal body, from the length of the arms and legs compared to the torso, and what proportions look the best.

For women, the Golden Ratio is that “hourglass” look we all seem to lust after so much. Men love to look at it, and women want to look like it! There’s biological programming behind it: it’s attractive for women to have full busts, narrow waists and healthy hips – for childbearing! Most people wouldn’t say that’s why they find the hourglass figure so attractive, but it’s biological programming that’s hard-wired into us in order to ensure the survival of our species. The fuller hips make childbearing easy, and the ample bosom implies that a baby will be well-fed and more likely to survive.

So! Models need to have that Golden Ratio – but we’re not necessarily all born with it. In fact, models are often expected to be so thin that it would be difficult to have an ample bosom naturally! This is where the push-up bra comes in. It is the perfect tool to give models the Golden Ratio!

Why Models Love the Push Up Bra
Push-up bras help create the image of the Golden Ratio by providing extra shaping, and making your breasts look full and lush. Depending on the style, push-up bras can add anywhere from a half a cup size to nearly two cup sizes to your frame! They make your breasts look rounded and full, and depending on the design, they may also create great cleavage!

Take a look at something like the Freya Deco Underwire Molded Half Cup Bra AA4232: this push up bra creates a beautiful, rounded shape and enhances your bust size. Molded cups create a natural shape, and they’re seamless so they vanish under your shirt. This push up bra features internal push up pads for added lift, and the neckline is wide and low-cut so it looks great under square necks, scoop necks and even a light v-neck shirt. Even if you’re not a model, a good, supportive push-up bra like this one can get you one step closer to the Golden Ratio!

What are you waiting for? Snag one of our great push up bras and see how good you can look with this kind of lift, shaping, support and enhancement for your  busts!

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