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Why Internet Calculators for Bra Size Don’t Work

If you’re reading this blog post, you’re probably someone who gets a lot of information from the Web. Why not? The Web is a wealth of great information on a variety of topics, and more and more people are turning to the Web for fast, easy answers. Unfortunately, not everything is possible to answer with a formula in a fast, easy format, and bra size is one of those things that isn’t so easy to quantify.

Why don’t Internet calculators for bra size work? The reality is that bra size is only one component of bra fit, and even a bra in the right size might be lacking for your needs. The next time you’re shopping for a bra, bypass bra size calculators and evaluate a few things to find a bra that really fits – not some arbitrary number calculated by a formula that has nothing to do with your body.

Bra Size vs. Bra Fit
We’ve done a lot of articles here about the difference between bra size and bra fit – check out our “Fitting and Sizing” category for more information. The short of it is that bra size and bra fit are two entirely different things.

Cup size, band size and volume are huge factors when it comes to finding the right bra fit. Technically, a 38D and a 40C are sister sizes – they’ll both technically fit around your body if you’re in this size range. But the proportions are different in these two bra sizes, in spite of the fact that they’re roughly equivalent. A 38D bra size has a bigger cup, while the 40C has a bigger band. The fact that these are sister sizes makes them roughly the same size, but the fit is very different.

You’ll also find that cup sizes aren’t uniform across the band sizes and manufacturers. A 32C, for example, isn’t the same cup size as a 42C, even though they’re both a C cup. The C is relative to the band size, so a 42C is actually going to have a bigger cup than a 32C, even though they both have “C” in the size.

Learn How to Fit Your Body
The key to finding the right bra is finding a bra that fits your body properly – not a bra that complies with some arbitrary number and letter combination. Four out of every five women wears the wrong bra size, and the most common error is women wearing a band size that’s too large and a cup size that’s too small.

While these bras may technically go around your body, they don’t fit your body properly. By swapping out this bra for something with a smaller band and larger cup, you’re changing the proportions to fit your body. The right fit provides better support and a more flattering figure under your clothes.

Don’t tie yourself to a bra size that consists of a hard and fast letter-and-number rule. Find a bra size that actually fits your body. Experiment with different cup and band sizes to find the right fit for you – not some arbitrary size based on some “calculator” online.

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