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Why Do Women Today Have Bigger Breasts?

Industry sources say that women today have an average breast size up to 36DD or DDD, which is an increase from the average of 34B reported just 10 years ago. Why do women today have larger breast sizes? And is there anything you can do to increase or decrease the size of your breasts?

Estrogen is Responsible for Breast Growth
Estrogen is the hormone responsible for breast growth, and it’s true that women today are exposed to more estrogen than women in the past. Many of us take birth control that contains estrogen, and some sources maintain that certain foods contain estrogen. There are even arguments that polluted ground water and industrial waste contains chemicals that mimic estrogen, which then get into our drinking supply or into the foods we eat.

The increase in estrogen in our lifestyles is undoubtably a contributing factor as to why women today have larger breasts than even a generation ago. Some people also feel that the changes in hormone levels, and chemicals bombarding our bodies, contribute to breast cancer and other types of cancers. Some women also have other health problems related to too much estrogen, such as weight gain, elevated blood pressure and lack of sex drive. So it’s certainly a mixed blessing, and these bigger breasts can come along with some serious issues.

Can Food Change Breast Size?
A large percentage of American women are unhappy with their breast size. Women who have smaller breasts often envy larger-busted women. And women with full breasts often wish they were smaller. If you want to change your breast size, can food help?

There’s a lot of hype about foods you can eat to increase your breast size, AND to decrease your breast size. It’s easy to find articles online that detail “estrogen-rich foods” to help promote breast growth. What’s amusing is that you’ll actually find crossover between the two categories. Some articles recommend certain fruits and vegetables to help grow the breasts, but other articles recommend the same fruits and vegetables to DECREASE breast size! Clearly there’s a lack of exact science behind these recommendations.

You’ll also find articles that recommend to increase fat intake to grow breasts, as breasts are primarily fatty tissue. Some articles go so far as to recommend “healthy” mono-unsaturated fats that are contained in things like olive oil, avocado, raw nuts, sesame seeds and linseed.

However, a University of Portsmouth breast biomechanics expert reported that: “The larger we become overall, then the larger women’s breasts will become. Breasts are increasing because women today have a higher proportion of fat in their breasts than they used to.”

One nutritionist blames this shift largely on junk food. She reports that “all those calories end up on the hips, and breasts.” Other women blame the shift on processed foods and sugary sweets, and the fact that people are less active today and therefore more ample all over.

Can food actually change breast size? It seems likely that there’s a link between diet and breast size, but the specifics haven’t been studied and documented thoroughly enough to be conclusive.

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