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Why do American Women Hate Pretty Bras?

If you’ve ever traveled in Europe, you may have noticed that European women LOVE lingerie. There’s a lingerie boutique on practically every corner, and European women love to embrace their femininity. If you follow design, you’ll note some pretty radical differences between US bra styles and European bra styles. American designers focus on practicality, comfort and the basics of bra design. European designers focus on art, innovation and experimentation in their bra design. A lingerie fan here in the United States polled her social media followers, and got a wide variety of responses about why American women hate pretty bras. How do you feel about your bra design?

Why American Women Don’t Focus on Sexy Bras
American women brought up a lot of good issues, and one big one was feminism. Feminism was a battleground issue here in the 60s and 70s; there was even a period of time when feminists hated bras and denounced them as devices designed to subjugate women. In the quest for equality, some of the overt displays of femininity were lost or weakened here. As a reaction to feminism, women are now encouraged to be less overtly feminine; or display signs of “weakness” and hurt the chance of equality with equal-status men.

Another common response was that this anti-sexy stance had its roots in America’s puritanical founders. Generations of women were taught that “sexy” is naughty, or even sinful; and many women still retain the roots of this today. Today’s women focus on basic, and buying something really sexy is typically reserved for special occasions, like Valentine’s Day.

Bring Beauty Back into Your Bra Wardrobe
Many American designers seem to focus on the American mindset in bra design; comfort, practicality and the basics. So even if American women want prettier bras, they often have to turn to European designers to find them. Well, now’s the time to turn things around! Bring beauty back into your wardrobe by adding a pretty or sexy bra to your every day wear. Stop thinking that looking good should be reserved for a special occasion, and start treating yourself to beauty in your life – inside and out!

If you’re ready for a beauty revolution, check out some of our top bras by designers that know pretty bras can also be a part of an every-day wardrobe:

Conturelle Provence Underwire Bra 80505
Conturelle Harmonie Underwire Bra 80504
Conturelle Maguerite Underwire Bra 80510
Conturelle Avantgarde Underwire Bra 80514




Fantasie of England Underwired Balcony Bra 6010
Fantasie of England Helena Balcony Bra 7710
Fantasie of England Shannon Underwire Bra with Side Support 1014
Fantasie Savannah Underwired Padded Plunge Bra 2151
Fantasie Elodie Underwired Bra with Side Support 2182



Freya Rio Balcony Underwire Bra AA3510
Freya Arabella Underwire Plunge Bra Aa5721
Freya Polyanna Balcony Bra AA5922




Panache SuperBra Tango II Underwire Balconette Bras 3251
Panache Ariza Underwired Balconnet Bra 5051
Panache Andorra Full Cup Bra 5675


Prima Donna
Prima Donna Deauville Collection Underwire Bra 0161810
Prima Donna Deauville Collection Balconnette Bra 0161812
Prima Donna Menton Deep Plunge Bra 0161564
Prima Donna Avalon Balconnet Bra 0162274
Prima Donna Shangri La Luxury Balconnet Bra 0162264
Prima Donna Madison Underwire Bra 0162121


Step outside the t-shirt bras, molded-cup bras and seamless bras, and splurge on something truly beautiful.

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