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Who Put an Underwire in My Sports Bra? Underwire vs. Wire Free


Yesterday, we took a look at some of the great changes in sport bra design that have taken us from the ineffectual cotton pullover bra to something that constantly graces the “top pick” and “best of” lists like the Enell sports bra. There’s one very crucial change that you never used to see in sports bras, but is becoming more common in today’s sport bra designs: the underwire. Are you a wire-free sports bra kind of gal, or do you love a good underwire sports bra?

Wire Free Sports Bras
Back in the day of too-small department store cotton pullover bras, no-one would dream of putting an underwire in a sport bra. Sport bras were supposed to be soft and comfortable. Women used them as leisure bras, sleep bras, bras for cleaning the house – they offered the kind of comfort you couldn’t get with an underwire bra that you might wear to work all day. But they also didn’t offer great support – you knew there would be bouncing and flopping all over if you tried to wear one of those soft cotton things to do a real workout.

Well, today wire free sports bras have come a LONG way. The Enell sport bra, for example – one of our top selling sport bras, and the bra that tops best of lists (including Oprah’s favorites) is a wire free bra. One of our top running sports bras – the Shock Absorber Level 4D Plus Max Sports Bra Top – is a wire-free bra. These days, soft cup bras don’t necessarily equal saggy, unsupported sports bras.

Features like encapsulation cups, inner support slings, multi-part cups and racerback designs offer the support we demand even from a soft cup bra. Wire free sports bras have come a long way from the pullover cotton variety you used to find in the department store.

Underwire Sports Bras
Underwire sports bras are really the next step in sports bra revolution. Underwire bras are great for providing support for full-busted women, and it was only a matter of time until some smart bra designer decided to put one in a sport bra. Today, some of our top sports bras are bras that boast underwire designs.

Take a look at the Le Mystere Energie Sport Bra, for example. This sports bra is really almost a hybrid bra – seamless cups make this a great t-shirt bra, but a moisture-wicking breathable fabric and bounce-resistant cup design makes it a good sport bra, too. It’s not quite as effective for high-bounce activities like running, but it’s a good solid offering – that features underwire support for women up to a G cup.

The Elomi Energise Underwire Sports Bra is another example of just how awesome an underwire sport bra can be. This bra features four-section underwire cups that provide support – and bounce-resistance – even during vigorous activities. It’s also a bit thinner than the Le Mystere Energie sport bra, which makes it ideal for warmer or more humid weather. The underwire design, combined with the multi-part cups, offers support for women up to a J cup – which is practically impossible for soft cup sport bras!

Wire free sport bras have come a long way. Underwire sport bras, though, are surprisingly comfortable and effective. Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it – underwire sport bras are here to stay!

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