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When Backless Bras Just Don’t Cut It

Sometimes a backless bra just doesn’t wear properly under your clothes. Maybe you’re wearing a beautiful dress with a really deep, v-cut back, and even the lowest-cut bra backs are visible. Or maybe you’ve got a sheer back where any bra would show through. Maybe it’s a super form-fitted sheath dress where any bra straps would be visible, no matter how low-profile, thin and narrow the straps. Or maybe you’re just looking for something special to wear for an intimate occasion. There are a lot of circumstances under which even the most minimal bra won’t cut it. Luckily, there are still options for some support, to prevent nipple show-through or for sexy, decorative details!

Support Adhesive

Support adhesive is just like it sounds; lightweight bra cups, typically made of foam, that stick to the skin using adhesive. The idea of these cups is to provide some support and coverage without the bulk of a full bra. In most cases, support adhesive is insufficient for big-busted women, unless minimal support is needed. But for women with small or moderate bust sizes, support adhesive can be great in tight dresses, and low backless dresses.

Our Fashion Forms Staykups are a great example of support adhesive cups.

Also in this category would be something like the Fashion Forms NuBra Ultralight Bra. This bra has slightly more coverage in the cups, but works in a similar manner.

The Fashion Forms The Strapless Bra Alternative and the Fashion Forms Adhesive Body Bra are also options that offer a bit more coverage and support in the support adhesive category. These bras offer side wings for a bit more support and shaping, and almost a “push-up” style to create great cleavage under your sexy gowns.

Breast Petal

Breast petals are small, adhesive nipple covers designed to prevent the nipple from protruding under sheer garments. Breast petals are great for sheer garments, or tight, form-fitting garments or draping fabrics where you don’t want to show a full bra. Breast petals prevent nipple show-through while still giving you a minimal bra line, to give you a smooth look.

Our Fashion Forms Extreme Silicone Gel Petals with Travel Case are a great example of breast petals. These silicone petals can be worn up to 25 times, and are soft, comfortable, and easy to put on and take off. These petals come with a travel case.


A pastie is a decorative covering that’s meant to cover the nipple while leaving the rest of the breast bare. It’s typically applied with a special adhesive or glue. A pastie is similar to a breast petal, except it’s typically designed for use in intimate situations where the pastie is meant to be seen. A breast petal is more functional, while a pastie is more decorative.

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