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What’s Your Underwear Ritual?

No, we’re not talking about some weird thing involving incantations and burning incense. We’re talking about the underwear that you wear under certain circumstances! Like some sports players, for example, have a lucky pair of underwear that they wear at every game or their team might lose. (Some sports fans do the same thing!) Other people get dressed up in a certain type of underwear when they do something particular. Some underwear rituals are completely normal, and some are a bit out there – but it’s all about what makes you comfortable! So what’s your underwear ritual?

Do You Do Something Funky?
What do we mean? Well, actress/director Jodie Foster admitted in an interview once that she puts on odd-colored underwear every time she’s going to fly. If she’ll be getting on an airplane, she won’t wear matching underwear! Why? Who knows! But it makes her comfortable – this is the kind of thing we’re talking about when we talk about having a specific underwear ritual. But it isn’t just confined to doing something funky. Some people have very normal underwear rituals for certain occasions!

Have a Favorite Set of Underwear for Date Night?
Date night is one of the most common occasions that sparks an underwear ritual, and most of us do it. We all have that special set of underwear we save for things like date night or a special occasion. Maybe it’s a lacy bra that you bought yourself as a treat, and a matching pair of underwear. Or maybe it’s sexy lingerie. Whether you wear it because you’re thinking your special someone might see and appreciate it, or whether you wear it just to feel sexy when you’re out on the town, this is one of the most common underwear rituals! What’s your favorite underwear for date night?

What Underwear Do You Wear When You’re Not Feeling Well?
I know you’ve heard of comfort food. What about comfort underwear? It’s true – most of us have a special set of underwear we put on when we’re not feeling well. Usually it’s the most comfortable underwear we own – something that doesn’t pinch, poke or confine us. It may be the old comfortable stretched out bra that you really should throw away, along with a pair of granny panties. Or maybe it’s a cami and a boyshort. Usually it’s one of the most un-sexy things you own, but it helps you feel comfortable when you’re under the weather! What’s yours?

Maybe You Need More Underwear in Your Life!
Don’t have an underwear ritual? Then maybe you need more underwear in your life! While we don’t all have particularly funky underwear rituals, we usually do have a favorite set of bra and panties, or special things we wear for date night or just when we want to feel comfortable. If you don’t have an underwear ritual, you may be missing out! It’s time to pick out something fabulous and treat yourself. Maybe you want something sexy for your special someone. Or maybe you want that comfortable underwear for when you just want to relax and unwind. Whatever you need, we’ve got it at Big Girls Bras!

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