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What’s the Difference Between Panache and Fantasie?


Panache and Fantasie are a couple of our most popular brands, and if you’ve ever tried on one of these bras, you know why! They offer great support, even in large cup sizes, and they have pretty designs that don’t make you feel like you’re wearing an industrial piece of torture equipment. But how do these brands compare? What’s the difference if you’re bra shopping and you’re considering both Panache and Fantasie?

Size Differences Between Panache and Fantasie
In theory, Panache and Fantasie have the same sizing. They’re both UK brands with UK sizing, which does vary from US sizing. Consult our Bra Cup Size Comparison chart if you need help figuring out your size compared to your normal US brands. Between the two brands, there are no official “size” differences. However, there are differences in how each brand fits in a given size!

Fit Differences Between Panache and Fantasie
This is where the biggest difference comes into play between Panache and Fantasie: fit. Panache offers a wide array of styles based on different bra designs. These designs vary – which means they offer something for every body type. But if you don’t know your body type, or don’t know how to look at a bra and match it to your body, you may find yourself unhappy with a Panache bra because it doesn’t fit right on your body. If you have this problem, do try a different Panache bra – they really are a great brand – or give us a call for fitting help.

With Fantasie bras, the biggest fit quirk that our shoppers report is that sometimes, the cup sizes seem to run a bit large. These reports are inconsistent – many of our shoppers say that Fantasie bras fit true-to-size, but a few report gapping or other indications that a Fantasie bra cup is too big. Make sure you buy the right size – fit yourself and consult the bra fit chart to ensure that the size you think you need is the right one!

The other main difference between Panache and Fantasie bras is the size of the underwires. Panache bras tend to have wide underwires, while Fantasie bras tend to have underwires of medium width. Panache’s wide underwires are great for women with larger breast sizes – particularly if your breasts are wide on your chest wall – but they can dig into your underarm if you have a narrower torso.

Price Differences Between Panache and Fantasie
Price-wise, Panache and Fantasie bras are comparable. Fantasie bras may average approximately $10 more per bra, but that’s only because Fantasie offers a wide array of bra designs ranging in price by about $30 from top to bottom. Panache’s price range is only around $20 from top to bottom, but most of their bras are within $15 in price – it’s just a narrower range slightly below Fantasie.

Quality and Longevity
In terms of quality and longevity, Panache and Fantasie bras are comparable. With the right size bra, rotated appropriately, you’ll get roughly the same amount of wear from both. It really comes down to which bra fits your body the best.

Which is your favorite brand – Panache or Fantasie?

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