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What’s the Difference Between Cleo and Freya?


Cleo and Freya are some of our favorite brands here at Big Girls Bras – and for good reason! Freya is an extremely easy-to-wear and easy-to-fit brand, and we’ve got a huge selection of Freya bras that we just love! (Our shoppers agree – check out all the great reviews on our Freya bras!) Cleo bras belong to the Panache family, which is also a great bra lineup, but with a slightly different focus. So what are the differences between these two bra brands?

Freya as a Brand
Freya is widely regarded in bra-fit circles as one of the most female-friendly bra brands. Freya is very easy to fit for a wide variety of body types, and they offer an array of designs that work well for women with full-on-bottom and medium-sized boobs. Freya’s bras run the gamut from cute to sexy – nothing they have can really be considered “dowdy.” Freya’s coverage and somewhat higher cut in many of their styles makes them quite reliable – particularly for women with fuller busts. Some people call Freya a great “starter” brand, meaning they offer good options for women who are just starting to explore the world of bra brands and bra fit after realizing they’ve been wearing the wrong bra size for years, or experiencing a fashion awakening that has led them on a bra pilgrimage.

Cleo as a Brand
Cleo is actually a part of the Panache line. According to Panache, Cleo “is a range designed for the fashion conscious and those with a young at heart attitude.” Cleo also offers great styles for fuller cups, with cup sizes up to J. Cleo bras are best for women with close-set breasts that have a lot of roundness and projection. Belonging to the Panache family, though, the Cleo fit can be slightly more challenging to get at first – you may have to try a few Cleo styles and sizes to capture the right fit for your body, as with all Panache bras. That being said, with the variety and the different fit details, when you find the right Cleo bra, you’re going to LOVE it!

Size and Fit Differences Between Cleo and Freya
Theoretically, the sizing for Freya and Panache (and therefore Cleo) are quite similar. If you consult our bra cup size comparison chart, you’ll see that these brands share common sizing conventions. However, the sizing and fit can vary a bit from design to design, with some of our shoppers saying that a few Freya bras feel like they run large in the band, so consult each individual bra reviews when it comes to sizing.

Fit-wise, the biggest differences between Cleo and Freya are the underwires. Freya tends to have narrow underwires, while Cleo, as a sub-brand of Panache, tends to have wider underwires. This can be a problem for some women who often find that the underwires are poking into their underarm – a narrower wire might be better.

In terms of bra design, Freya is more friendly toward women whose breasts are full on the bottom or moderate, although a few Freya styles work for women who are fuller on top. Cleo is great for close-set breasts that are round or project, and the have some styles that are friendlier for women who are full on top.

Price Differences Between Cleo and Freya
Price-wise, Freya and Cleo bras are comparable, although Freya offers a wider lineup, which means they have more variety in pricing. Most of our Freya bras tend to run about $10 more than Cleo, give or take, although we have plenty of Freya options in the same price point.

So what do you think? Are you a Cleo or a Freya girl? If you haven’t tried either of these brands, now is a great time to branch out – we’d highly recommend both!

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