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What’s the Best Swimsuit Color for Your Hair Color?


This week, we’ve been looking at the ascetics of swimsuit shopping – notably, how to pick a swimsuit color that flatters your body and looks great with your skin tone. A lot of women stress about what color is the right color to match their hair, though, so we’d be remiss if we didn’t address this common questions! So when you’re doing your swimsuit shopping for this summer, what’s the best swimwear color for your hair color?

Skin Tone and Color is More Important Than Hair
Women put a lot of thought into which swimsuit goes best with their hair color, but ultimately, it’s the skin tone and color that’s most important when selecting a swimsuit color. If your swimsuit is too close to your skin tone color, you can look pale or washed out – even if it’s a great contrast to your hair. Or a swimsuit that really pops with your hair could totally clash with your skin tone, or even – unfortunately – look ridiculous on you with your specific coloring. So when you’re picking a swimsuit color, pay the most attention to what colors work with your skin tone and color. If you missed them, go back and take a look at our recent posts:

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Choose a Color Combo That Flatters Your Body
Picking a swimsuit color isn’t just about finding a good color that works with your skin tone. You may also have a certain body type that would benefit from some strategic color blocking and selection.

For example, if you’ve got a triangle body type, you’ll want a swimsuit with bold prints on top to emphasize the upper part of the body, and low-rise swimwear on bottom – maybe in darker colors or a nice solid – to help even out the bottom half of the body. Or if you’ve got a reverse triangle body type, a darker solid on top and a lighter, banded swimsuit bottom can help even out the body.

In our Monday post, Picking a Flattering Swimsuit – What You Need to Know, we rounded up some of our swimsuit shopping posts from last year that look at the best way to dress different body types. Check out the post, and check out the shopping tips specific to your body type, to help you pick the right color combo to flatter your body.

When it Comes to Hair Color – Just Try Not to Clash
Finally, if you’ve followed the guidelines to pick the perfect color for your skin tone that also looks great on your body type, the trick of picking a swimsuit color for blonde hair, black hair or brown hair is simple – go wild! For redheads, it’s a little trickier – just try to pick a color that doesn’t clash. I know it’s not fair, but such is the price of having such a distinctive hair color. (I’ve got nothing for love for you gals, though – I went redhead a few times in my mid-20s and I loved it! I really do think redheads have more fun!)

For a quick and dirty guide:

  • Blondes tend to look great in pastels and light colors
  • Brunettes can wear bolder colors that pop against the dark hair
  • Black-haired beauties look great in bright or light colors

But all of that is secondary to your skin tone, so pick the right swimsuit for your skin tone first!

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