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What’s the Best Swimsuit Color for Fair Skin Tones?


Finding the right swimsuit color for your skin tone actually makes a huge difference when you’re shopping for the perfect swimsuit! Just because your friend looks fabulous in her yellow bikini doesn’t mean it’s right for you – so take a few minutes to understand how swimsuit colors work with certain fair skin tones before you pull the trigger on your new swimsuit!

Fair Skin with Warm Undertones
Do you have warm undertones in your fair skin? Warm undertones look great with deep terracotta shades, periwinkle, olive greens and bright, tomato-ey reds. When you’ve got warm skin tones, select a shade that’s slightly warm to complement your beautiful skin.

Fair Skin with Cool Undertones
Cool undertones call for a different palette entirely. Look for things like deep berry shades, or jewel tones like purples, blues and greens. You want rich, bright, deep colors. Alternately, go with something like a crisp, sharp white, or an alternating pattern of white and black.

Fair Skin with Neutral Undertones
If your skin has neither warm nor cool undertones, but you’ve got neutral tones, good news – you can wear just about any color! As long as the colors are slightly muted, that is. Stay away from things like neon colors, but muted or blunted shades of green, red and orange will look great with your skin tone.

Approach Pastels with Caution
Pastels are very rarely a good choice for women with fair skin – no matter what kind of undertones they have. The reason for this is that pastels tend to make fair-skinned ladies look a little washed-out, because they tend to blend into your skin tone. The effect can be very unflattering, leaving you looking like you’re tired and worn out.

The key to dressing fair skin is to choose shades that give a “pop” to your overall coloring. If you do love pastels, though, and have to have something pastel in your swim wardrobe – consider incorporating pastels into your accessories. What about a pastel hat, or a fabulous pair of pastel sandals? Maybe even a pastel bracelet, necklace or watch.

What’s the Story with Prints?
Prints and patterns are fine for fair skin – as long as you pay attention to the colors of the print. Use the skin color undertone guide above to select a print that blends shades that are a good match for your coloring. Try to avoid patterns with large blocks of colors that don’t work for your undertones – especially around the neckline, shoulders, or anywhere the print is directly next to your skin.

Tried and True Color Combos for Fair Skin Tones
In addition to the undertone-specific color combos listed above, some tried-and-true options for fair-skinned women of any skin tone include:

  • Dark, but sharp colors – like navy and black (avoid faded colors, though, as they can look washed out – and won’t flatter your skin)
  • Cool tones – some cool tones, such as certain shades of hot pink, jeweled purple, crisp teal or turquoise can look great for women with fair skin

Not fair-skinned? Have a friend who isn’t fair skinned? Join us tomorrow as we look at the best swimsuit colors for dark skin tones!

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