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What’s the Best Swimsuit Color for Dark Skin?


Finding the right swimsuit color to complement darker skin tones can be just as challenging as life as a fair-skinned woman! There is no “one color fits all” solution, so it’s important to understand how certain colors work with your skin tone and pigmentation to find the most flattering swimsuit for you this summer. Here’s what you need to know if you’re a dark-skinned beauty who needs a hot new swimsuit!

Pale Dark Skin
Pale dark skin sounds like kind of an oxymoron, but plenty of people who have dark skin tones are on the pale end of the spectrum – almost a pale alabaster. If you’ve got pale dark skin, think about the undertones. You might almost fit into yesterday’s “fair skin color guide” – so check it out and see if any of those undertones sound like your skin color.

Otherwise, you’re one of the few dark-skinned beauties who can get away with dark swimsuit colors. Pick something complementary to your skin – maybe a lovely mocha or even black swimsuit, or you can go with pastels as long as they contrast. Pick a color that makes your skin tone pop!

Medium Dark Skin
If you’ve got medium dark skin, have fun with color! Go for bright and jewel tone swimsuit colors, like bright yellows, jewel tone pinks and purples or rich sea greens. You can get away with pastels, as long as they pop against your skin – avoid any pastel that appears to “blend in” to your skin tone, though.

Avoid muted colors, like beige or olive green. These colors tend to blend into your skin tone, and aren’t as flattering. If you have warm undertones, you might be able to get away with a muted color – but bright and jewel tones will look best on you, so try to keep your shopping within that palette.

Dark to Ebony Skin
Women who have dark skin are the women for whom pastels really shine! You can rock pretty much any pastel shade – baby blues, minty greens, soft pinks and pale yellows will look particularly flattering on you. You can also go with light grays.

Avoid orange and brown like the plague, unless the fit is absolutely to die for – sorbet-oriented colors are the perfect palette for your swimsuit. White is sort of a gray area for this skin type – some people love the way white pops against dark or ebony skin tones, while others find the contrast too extreme or crass. You’ll have to use your own judgment based on your skin tone to decide whether a white swimsuit looks good.

You can’t go wrong with pastels, though, or bright colors that complement your skin tone, like yellows. Try to avoid darker colors, like ruby red – they don’t contrast as well with dark skin tones and aren’t as flattering as the lighter colors.

Picking a Print
Prints can look hawt against dark skin – if they’re the right shades. Follow the guidelines for matching colors to your skin tone, and pick a print whose colors complement your skin. It can be a fun way to work in a few colors, and you may even get away with a color that isn’t exactly complementary to your skin tone, as long as it’s a small quantity or is in the middle of the fabric and isn’t directly against your skin.

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