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What’s the Best Sports Bra for Yoga?


Yoga is one of the best things you can do for your body! It strengthens, tones and improves flexibility, and it helps bring mental clarity and peace of mind. Bikram yoga is cited as great for weight loss and to help heal injuries – if you can stand the heat. When you’re doing yoga, it’s helpful to have a comfortable sports bra that doesn’t constrain your range of motion, or pinch or pull in a distracting or uncomfortable manner. You don’t need a high-impact running sports bra; a low or medium impact bra will be more comfortable and provide adequate support. With those criteria in mind, here are our top recommendations if you’re looking for a sport bra for yoga!

Anita Active CoolMax Sports Bra 5521
Probably our top pick for a yoga bra is the Anita Active CoolMax Sports Bra 5521. This wonderful soft-cup sports bra features a soft underbust band and comfort straps which provide a medium level of support. The bra is microfiber, which means it deals better with sweat and moisture-wicking than similar all-cotton bras – making this a sports bra that’s even capable of withstanding Bikram yoga. Our shoppers rave about this bra, calling it super comfortable and lightweight, and 95% of our shoppers would recommend it to a friend. If you’re into yoga, it definitely deserves a spot in your rotation.


Barely There Custom Flex Fit Active Wirefree 4076
The Barely There Custom Flex Fit Active Wirefree 4076 is a pull-over sports bra in the style of the bras you’d find in your local department store – but better! This bra features integrated flexible foam cups to provide a bit of shaping and support, and they also help prevent nipple show-through. With everything from the comfort band to the seamless, tagless design, this sport bra is designed with comfort in mind – making it the perfect soft bra that won’t distract you or restrict you during yoga!


Valmont Front Hook Soft Cup Comfort Bra Style 45801
The Valmont Front Hook Soft Cup Comfort Bra Style 45801 is a new offering in our sport bra lineup, and the soft, comfort-oriented design makes it perfect for yoga. The front closure is super convenient and easy to use, and the thick straps are designed to provide support without digging into the shoulders – adding to the comfort element. This is a relaxed style sports bra that’s great for low impact exercise, like yoga – and it’s also great for lounging around on a weekend. Even better, this bra comes in band sizes up to 50 for our fuller-figured shoppers.


Glamorise Sport Active Comfort Wrap Bra Style 1866
We’d be remiss if we didn’t feature the Glamorise Sport Active Comfort Wrap Bra Style 1866 in our yoga lineup! This is another bra that comes in band sizes up to 50, and cup sizes up to F/G, making it great for fuller-figured and full-busted shoppers. This is a low impact wrap bra that’s practically designed for yoga or pilates. The reinforced bottom cups are adjustable for a perfect fit, and the exclusive two-way stretch back is designed to move with you – however you move! The fabric is moisture-wicking, which makes it suitable even for Bikram yoga – and even better, it’s got a cute design! Experience for yourself why Glamorise calls this sports bra perfect for yoga.

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