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What’s the Best Bra for a Wedding Dress?

The first day of Spring is on Wednesday, and aside from swim season – Spring also means wedding season is upon us! This year, wedding season was a little extra personal for me, as I’m getting married in just a few weeks! So I’ve spent the past few months staring obsessively at wedding sites, browsing gowns, picking favors and drooling over decorations… and of course, shopping for that all-important wedding outfit!

When you’re a fuller-figured woman, finding the perfect wedding dress takes a little extra doing, but I found it and all that remained was to find the right foundation to wear underneath! So join me this week as I take a look at my quest for the right bra, the right shapewear – and maybe pick one of these up if you’ve got a spring wedding coming up soon!

Longline Bras for Wedding Dresses
For me, it was a no-brainer to go with Elomi long line bras. Elomi is a brand that I absolutely love, and I know my cup size in Elomi, so it made the most sense to try an Elomi longline bra. My top Elomi longline bra options are: Elomi Serena Bridal Basque 8202, and Elomi Smoothing Bustier 1231. Both are solid longline bras, with boning for added shaping and support. The Elomi Serena Bridal Basque 8202 has slightly fuller coverage, though, and my dress is cut a little lower over the bust, so I opted to go with the Elomi Smoothing Bustier 1231. This Elomi long line bra seemed like the best fit for my dress.

When I got the Elomi Smoothing Bustier 1231, I was very happy with the bra, as usual. It’s the same great quality construction I’ve come to expect from Elomi, and it’s probably my favorite long line bra out of all I’ve had over the years. I had been worried about the fit over my tummy – I’m a 38 or 40 band in Elomi but I’ve got a bit of bulge, so I went with the 40 and it had zero problem with my bulge. No uncomfortable overflow on top or bottom. It’s an absolutely great longline bra for a fuller-figured woman.

Unfortunately for me, the bottom of the longline bra fell at the widest point of my tummy bulge, and it was visible under the dress. My seamstress who was adjusting the dress fit suggested I needed to try a regular strapless bra – not a longline. I’ve had mixed success with strapless bras in the past – I often find them slipping or not providing enough support for my full bust – but I decided that this was such an important day that it was worth trying a few extra bra options. (But I kept the Elomi long line bra because I fully intend to use it with another outfit at some point! When you get a bra this great, you don’t let it go.)

What did I end up going with? Join us tomorrow as I tell you how I selected the strapless bra I’m going to wear with my wedding dress, and give you my opinion and top picks for this very important day!

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