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What’s the Best Thing about a Properly Fitted Bra?


Proper bra fit is a huge deal, which is why we talk about it so often – and why so many other people are finally starting to pay attention to this important point. But bra fit isn’t just important because we say so; there are a ton of practical benefits to a properly fitted bra! So what are you missing out on if your bra doesn’t fit properly? What’s the best thing about a properly fitted bra? We’ve narrowed it down to two things: how it looks, and how it feels!

It’s Slimming and Creates a Lovely Silhouette
Ok, let’s be real for a minute – no matter what you look like, most of us would like to be a little bit slimmer on an average day. Particularly when we’re clothes shopping, or trying to impress someone – like a romantic interest, that girl we’re competitive with at work, or the in-laws who always seem to find fault. It may not be the healthiest outlook, but it’s a daily fact of life for many of us. And wearing a properly fitted bra is slimming!

When you’re wearing a bra that doesn’t fit, your breasts tend to slump or droop, and it makes your tummy appear to stick out more. When your bra is properly fitted, though, your boobs project more, which makes that the wide point of your body, and your clothes drape in a more flattering way toward your tummy and parts south. Depending on the way your bra is currently fitted, and what type of style you go with in a properly fitted bra, you could look anywhere from 5 to 20 pounds slimmer with a properly fitted bra.

With that kind of effect, why would anyone continue wearing a poorly fitted bra? Most of us are willing to suffer to diet and get a similar look – so just get a proper bra fitting, and you can achieve the same sort of look!

It also makes the girls look more youthful and firm, and can make you appear younger overall – especially if you pair a proper bra fitting with a wardrobe makeover.

Yes, it really is that easy!

It’s More Comfortable
What’s the most common complaint about bras? They’re uncomfortable. Far too many women hate wearing a bra because they pinch or otherwise feel constraining, and the first thing they do when they get home from work is take off the bra and put on something a bit more comfortable. Does this sound familiar?

Well, believe it or not, bras aren’t designed to feel uncomfortable! Most of the comfort issues with bras come because the bra isn’t properly fitted.

The most common issue is a band size that’s too large, coupled with a cup size that’s too small. In this scenario, the band rides up in back and can’t provide the support for the breasts, which puts strain on the shoulder straps and can cause them to “dig in.”

Sometimes improper fit includes underwire issues (who doesn’t hate the underwire poking into the underarm?) or pinching caused by improper band sizing or improper cup sizes.

The power to fix these comfort problems is in your hands! Follow our guidelines on getting measured for a bra, and discover the joy of a properly fitted bra.

Don’t just take our word for it – see and feel the difference of a bra that fits!

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