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What Type of Swimsuit is Best?

Everyone has their own personal favorites, but there’s a question many people don’t ask when they’re picking a swimsuit: which type of swimsuit is best? There is no universal swimsuit that works best for every body, but certain types of swimsuits are better suited for certain activities. Do you have different swimsuits for tanning and swimming? A pool swimsuit and a beach swimsuit? If you’ve ever wondered, here’s everything you need to know about which types of swimsuits are best for specific activities!

What’s the Best Swimsuit for Swimming?
If you swim for health or fitness, the best type of swimsuit for you is a one-piece swimsuit. Whether you’re doing laps at the gym, or training for a triathlon, a one-piece swimsuit provides the coverage you need in a simple, no-muss package. You don’t have to worry about whether the swimsuit is riding up or shifting, and a one-piece swimsuit moves with you as you swim. Something simple, like the Sunsets Separates Bra Sized Twist Front Underwire One Piece Swimsuit Style 109, is a perfect choice for swimming.

What’s the Best Swimsuit for Tanning?
Obviously, when you’re tanning, you want a swimsuit that will have minimal tan lines, and the tan lines won’t be visible with your regular clothes. The best swimsuit for tanning varies a bit depending on the style of clothes you normally wear. A bra-sized bikini top is a good choice, because the clothes you wear would typically cover up a bra, so bra-style bikini top tan lines wouldn’t be visible.

A convertible or strapless bandeau bikini, like the Sunsets Separates Bra Sized Twist Bandeau Bikini Top Style 55, is another great choice, because you can remove the straps to avoid strap tan lines. Things like halter tops aren’t quite as good for tanning, because the halter tan lines are quite distinctive and may be very visible with your regular clothes.

What’s the Best Swimsuit for the Pool?
When you’re swimming at the pool, you’ve got one critical element to look out for: chlorine. Chlorine can be the death of a great swimsuit. The best types of swimsuits to wear at the pool are polyester blends or polyester swimsuit, as these are durable and more chlorine-resistant. The color should last longer without fading, and these generally hold up well in pool environments. Nylon is another good choice for swimsuits at the pool. Lycra suits fade more quickly, and can stretch, reducing the longevity of these suits, so avoid lycra swimsuits at the pool, or look for lycra with polyester blends.

What’s the Best Swimsuit for the Beach?
Beachwear is different. What you should wear to the beach depends on what you typically do at the beach. Most women spend a lot of time lying in the sun, reading a book or just looking fabulous, with occasional dips in the water. For this, many women prefer a two-piece bikini or tankini swimsuit.

If you’re more active at the beach, playing beach sports, running up and down the sand or spending more time in the water, you may want a two-piece with fuller coverage, underwires and other support features. The beach is your best opportunity to flaunt what you’ve got and look fashionable, so when you’re shopping for a beach swimsuit, find something that fits and flatters your body and complements your style – and your favorite beach activities!

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