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What Sets Conturelle Bras Apart

This week, we’re looking at Conturelle bras; some of the most beautiful and well-designed bras that we offer here at Big Girls’ Bras. Conturelle bras do have a higher price point than some of our other bra lines, but there’s a reason for that: the Conturelle brand is synonymous with quality, and what you get in a Conturelle bra is a really thoughtfully-designed, high-quality, beautiful garment. What sets Conturelle bras apart from other brands, and justifies the higher price point? This is everything you need to know about what makes Conturelle fabulous:

Quality, Quality, Quality
One of the most important things to know about a Conturelle bra, and one of the reasons their reputation is so well-known and respected around the world, is that Conturelle places a high premium on quality. Conturelle does not use the cheapest materials or cut corners to produce an inexpensive product.

Instead, they use high-quality, custom fabrics, nickel-free underwires, and thoughtful design details to ensure that the Conturelle bras you know and love are always of the highest quality. Conturelle would not hesitate to return an entire batch of custom fabric; thousands and thousands of yards; if it did not meet their quality requirements. This is a very important element of what you get when you buy a Conturelle bra.

Conturelle is very hands-on when it comes to quality

Custom Fabrics
Conturelle has a vision when it comes to bras, and this vision includes specially-developed, custom fabrics. Conturelle fabrics have to look fabulous, and feel comfortable and soft against the skin. They use several techniques to get the effect they want in their fabrics, and it pays off in the soft, luxurious feel of these bras.

Beautiful, Multi-Tonal Embroidery
Almost all of Conturelle’s bras include feminine, multi-tonal embroidery embellishment on the bra cup or straps. The embroidery on Conturelle bras ranges from two colors up to four or five colors, depending on the bra. This embroidery adds beautiful detailing to the bra, but the more embroidery and the more colors in the embroidery, the more the bra costs to produce.

Conturelle's multi-tonal embroidery adds beauty and depth to the finished bras

Embellishment for Beautiful, Feminine Bras
Conturelle bras are known for three things: their quality, their comfort and their beauty. While Conturelle offers bra designs ranging from simple to exquisitely detailed, almost all of their bras feature unique, feminine embellishment. You’ll typically see embellishment on the bra straps; often lace on the bra cups; and the embellishment that Conturelle includes is unique, rather than following the same tired standards used in bra design throughout the industry. If you’re looking for a truly beautiful, feminine bra, the embellishment that Conturelle provides offers this in an elegant, sophisticated style.

Embellishment and feminine details are integral to Conturelle bras

Exquisite Attention to Detail
The attention to detail on a Conturelle bra makes it really stand out compared to other bra lines. Conturelle has designed its bra straps with a special material that makes it less likely to slide off your shoulders. It uses nickel-free underwires to avoid causing rashes in women who have allergies. It wraps the hook-and-eye fasteners in most of its bras with a soft-to-the-touch microfiber to make the bra band more comfortable against the skin. These little details add more to the price, but they really make Conturelle stand out among other bra options.

Dying to learn more? Tomorrow we’ll be examining the intricate details that Conturelle weaves into its bra designs to enhance comfort, fit and fashion. By the end of the week, you’ll be asking yourself why you don’t already own a closet full of Conturelle bras!

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