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What Lingerie Do Men Find Sexy?

All right, ladies – we all know there are certain times when we want to dress up for our significant others and look hot and sexy. But if your SO is a man, who knows what he thinks about – aside from the obvious? What lingerie do men find sexy, and how can you make the biggest impact when you’re dressing up for him? We’re here today to share some tips and help you find the right lingerie to wear for your man – the bra and panties that will keep him interested and coming back for more!

Men Base their Lingerie Choices for Women Primarily on Sex Appeal
It probably comes as no surprise to most of us, but a study conducted by bra retailer Maidenform supported the idea that more than half of men who buy lingerie for their partners base the choice primarily on sex appeal! In this study, 54% of men said they buy what they like first – over what they think their partner would like! This is no surprise to those of us who have gotten uncomfortable, skimpy little pieces of lingerie from our partners – but it’s nice to have a formal study supporting the results. It’s official, ladies: men buy us what they want to see us in!

Red and Black are Mens’ Favorite Lingerie Colors
So if you want to make an impact when you buy your sexy lingerie, what color should you be looking for? Personal preference varies from man to man, but various sources claim that men are most attracted to red or black lingerie. A British bra retailer claims to have studies that support men find red lingerie most attractive, and the sale of red lingerie soars around Christmas and Valentine’s Day! (And speaking of which, with Valentine’s Day less than a month away, now is the time to start thinking about what lingerie you might like to wear for your special someone.)

But a Marks and Spencer survey revealed that 33% of men choose black lingerie for their ladies, while only 16% choose red. Whether you believe Marks and Spencer or the Brits, you probably won’t go wrong with black or red lingerie.

Men Like a Bra That’s Doing its Job
One thing men agree on: they all appreciate a bra that’s doing its job. No matter what color or style men prefer, they all agree that a properly fitted bra that lifts and supports – and creates great cleavage – is a bra they like. (Although some of them might be embarrassed to admit they can articulate that!) So ladies – make sure your bra is properly fitted so you know you’re looking your best for your man!

Favorite Bra Cuts and Fabric Vary
When it comes to the details, mens’ preferences vary. One popular bra cut that comes up again and again, though, is the demi bra; most men seem to appreciate a good demi. Other popular bra cuts among men include a good cleavage bra, like a plunge bra, balcony bra or push-up bra. Many men also report that they like to see a little lace or brocade on a bra, so those feminine details DO get noticed, ladies!

No matter what they answered about specifics, the thing that men kept coming back to is that a confident woman is the sexiest thing of all. So if you want to get his attention, buy the lingerie that brings out your inner flirt and catch his eye!

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