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What Kind of Bra Looks Best with a Tshirt?

Wondering what kind of bra looks best with a t-shirt? Believe it or not, there’s an entire category of bras designed to be worn under your t-shirt. They’re called, unsurprisingly, t-shirt bras! T-shirt bras share a few characteristics that make them practically invisible under your t-shirt, and give you great, smooth lines under your clothes.

T-Shirt Bra Characteristics
What makes a t-shirt bra a t-shirt bra? Generally speaking, t-shirt bras are designed to be invisible under your clothes. Most of them have smooth, seamless cups that won’t look awkward or obvious under a clingy t-shirt. Many t-shirt bras have molded, padded cups designed to give you a natural shape and prevent your nipples from showing through your t-shirt.

Beyond these characteristics, t-shirt bras may have many other useful features and valuable characteristics. A t-shirt bra, for example, may have an underwire, wide straps and other support features that are well-suited to large-busted women. Or a t-shirt bra could have a plunge style designed for low-cut shirts and t-shirts. Some t-shirt bras, such as the Chantelle Africa T-Shirt Bra, provide an uplifting effect to enhance your bust. Others, such as the Panache Atlantis T-Shirt Water Bra, have molded cups with padding to give you an entire cup size and endow you with the cleavage you’ve always wanted.

Not all t-shirt bras are made alike. Just because they fall into the category of t-shirt bra doesn’t mean they don’t have other characteristics that make them suitable in other ways. Likewise, even bras that aren’t listed as t-shirt bras can be worn with t-shirts, if they have smooth cups that don’t show under your shirt. Our collection of t-shirt bras is just a starting point if you’re seriously shopping for a killer bra, whether you’re looking for the best t-shirt bra in 38 dd, or any other size.

Popular T-Shirt Bras
One of the great things about our collection pages is that you can browse some of our most popular bras, and get an idea of what other people think about them. For example, our Le Mystere Dream Tisha T-Shirt Bra is a popular bra in our collection, with a rating of slightly over 4 stars, and with more than 80% of our customers willing to recommend this bra to a friend. The Le Mystere Dream Tisha T-shirt Bra is a great example of what kind of bra looks best with a tshirt, with seamless moulded full-fit cups in a smooth fabric designed to be invisible under your t-shirt.

Other popular t-shirt bras include the Panache Porcelain Smooth T-shirt Bra, or the Fantasie of England Smoothing Seamless T-Shirt Bra. Both of these bras provide seamless, foam-molded shaping that is all but invisible under your t-shirt, and gives you the great shape and lines you want under all of your clothes.

Take some time to browse the t-shirt bra collection. Find the right style for you, and see what our other customers have to say about their favorite t-shirt bras. Get the most from your wardrobe with the perfect t-shirt bra.

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