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What Does it Take to Get a Bikini Model Body?

Have you ever wondered how bikini models get the bodies they have? No-one is born looking like that – it takes a ton of work to get a model body! But if you’ve ever wondered what it takes, Kate Upton, 2012 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue cover model, has shared her regimen. This is apparently what it takes to get a bikini model body:

Workouts 5 Days a Week!
You thought it was tough to find time to exercise in your busy schedule? Kate Upton works out 5 days a week! Her personal trainer (no, results like that don’t come easy!) uses a customized method called ModelFIT to run her through a series of circuit training workouts that change daily. Her routine includes exercises like:

  • Stretching exercises with elastic bands, designed to work the back, chest and legs
  • Pilates
  • Yoga
  • Kickboxing
  • Work on the BOSU ball
  • Work on the core board
  • Step-ups
  • Moves on a step ladder

Kate does these exercises in 4-5 bootcamp-style sets of 8-10 exercises, with a 30 second rest period between each move. The sets are designed to be slightly different to work multiple areas of the body. The exercise has to change daily so her body can’t get used to the routine, and so she gets maximum impact from each day’s workout.

The Bikini-Body Diet
We all know there are a zillion diets out there. Which one is right for you? You could probably achieve results with a wide array of diets – hence there being so many with people who swear by them because they really do work for people – but Kate Upton’s trainer has her on something called the Blood Type Diet. This is a fully customized diet that is actually designed around the best diet for your unique blood type.

This is based on the theory that different people have different bodies, and everyone’s body digests, processes and metabolizes food differently. The Blood Type Diet attempts to pinpoint the types of foods that your body processes the best, and feed you those – in a balanced way. It really is an interesting diet, and it seems to be working for Kate!

Who Can Achieve a Bikini-Model Body?
Clearly, it’s a lot of work to have a body that belongs on the cover of Sports Illustrated. Kate’s trainer has a half a dozen supermodels in the SI Swimsuit Edition, so he knows what he’s doing and he can do great things with the right person. Someone who’s willing to devote her life to building a body like that, that is.

Most of us aren’t able or willing to devote multiple hours of our lives every day to exercise, and to follow an involved, customized diet. With work, school, kids and a plethora of things vying for our attention, it can be difficult to find time to work out at all, and eating often comes down to whatever is handy nearby. But if you can find time to workout at least three times per week, and can work some walking or running into your daily routine, you can have a bikini-ready body, even if you don’t look like a supermodel.

It’s all about balancing your diet and exercise to reach a healthy level of fitness where you feel comfortable – after looking at what a bikini model does to get that body, it’s obvious that real people don’t have time in their lives to look like that!

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