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What Do You Think of Kathy Griffin’s Bra and Underwear on NYE?

If you were watching CNN’s New Year’s Eve coverage at Times Square, this may be old news to you. But if you were at a party and didn’t see the coverage, you may be surprised to discover that Kathy Griffin stripped down to her bra and underwear in the middle of the broadcast. The show went to commercial, and came back to co-host Anderson Cooper apparently reacting in shock that Griffin had disrobed right next to him. Kathy spent several minutes in her bra and underwear on the broadcast before finally putting her clothes back on when they cut to an interview. With this kind of attention, we’ve got to ask – how do you feel about this, ladies?

Many People Feel it wasn’t a Big Deal
Many of the reactions after this “joke” were good-natured, revealing that a large number of people felt it wasn’t a big deal. One popular response was that it was no more revealing than a bikini. Other comments like “She was wearing more than some performers sometimes wear” are evidence that as a nation, we’re becoming inured to “entertainers” showing more than an average person.

But in many of our day-to-day communities, a woman could garner police attention for stripping down to her bra and underwear in public. At the very least, this casual disregard reflects a double-standard for how “entertainers” and “regular people” are treated. But it also reveals that as a nation, we’re getting accustomed to people wearing practically nothing in public, or at least on TV. The question is whether that’s a good thing, or a bad thing, or just a thing?

She’s Got a Great Body for Her Age
Another group of positive comments were focused on how Kathy Griffin looked in her bra and underwear, and one common response was that she’s got a great body for her age. Would she have gotten as many positive responses if she didn’t have a good body? Probably not. But as a society, we’re willing to forgive a lot as long as the person looks good doing it.

What Kind of Statement was She Making?
One Twitter user Tweeted “You really made a statement in ur underwear it’s the BUZZ OF THE DAY!” What kind of statement do you think Kathy Griffin was making? Do you think she was demonstrating that she’s a woman who is proud of her body, and doesn’t mind showing it off? Or that societal rules, norms and expectations are silly? Or something else entirely?

We want to hear from you, ladies – how do you feel about Kathy Griffin stripping down to her bra and panties in the middle of the Times Square New Year’s Eve celebration? Do you think she was celebrating womanhood and making a statement to be proud of? Or do you feel her behavior was inappropriate and bras and underwear are meant for wearing under clothes, or that it’s reasonable to expect people to wear clothes in public? Tell us your thoughts!

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