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What Do You Think of Bra Sizing?

Bra sizing is one of the most discussed topics in fashion today. On any given day, a search for “bra” news will turn up an article about how women are wearing the wrong bra size, or how more and more women are finding that they just don’t fit into the traditional department store bra sizes. But how many of these discussions actually include us? It feels like someone is always talking about us or to us, but not actually including us. So today’s the day when we’re asking: how do YOU feel about bra sizing?

I hate that I can’t find my size in stores.
USA Today reported in April that the average American bra size is currently 36DD – according to lingerie retailers. They base this information on the bras that women are buying. But DD is often the largest cup size available in stores, so many women with bigger busts squeeze into a DD cup because they don’t know other options are available. That’s why places like Big Girls Bras are so critical – they offer options (and education!) to women who have larger cup sizes. What’s the average cup size really? It’s hard to say, with that number being determined by what you can find in a store. Maybe someday soon we’ll be able to walk into a store and buy a bigger bra, but for now, online retailers like Big Girls Bras are a haven for women with bigger busts.

I’m confused by all of the different sizes.
We’re bombarded with bra sizes. American and European sizing is different, and when you get into bigger cup sizes, it’s kinda daunting how many different combinations there are. We’re currently in the process of rewriting our bra fit instructions to help you understand the different sizing, but for now, we’ve got a size grid that can help.

It’s annoying that my size in one brand is different in another brand.
Bra designers are no different than other fashion designers – your size in one brand may be different in another brand. We offer a comparison chart that can help you figure out your size across brands. But yes, we agree that it’s annoying, too! In one of our upcoming posts, we’ll look at why bra sizes are different across brands.

I’ve been wearing the wrong bra size for years.
One of the most common things we hear is that women who go through a proper fitting find that they’ve been wearing the wrong bra size for YEARS. We get it in our heads that we’re a number and letter combination, and that’s all we buy for the rest of our lives! But what if those numbers are wrong to begin with? Or what if our bodies have changed? It’s important to get fitted at least once a year just to make sure you’re still in the right size. And you’ll find that if you’ve been wearing the wrong size, but you swap to a size that fits better, you’ll look and feel a whole lot better yourself!

What do you think of bra sizing?
Tomorrow, we’re going to look at more women’s thoughts about bra sizing. Want to be included in the conversation? Let us know what you think of bra sizing!

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