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What Do You Do When You Find a Bra You Like?

We know how difficult it is to find a bra you like. Finding the right bra is a balance of a lot of different factors, including things like proper fit, comfort, looks and even the type of clothes you wear and activities you do. A good bra has to fit into your lifestyle, look good with your wardrobe and be comfortable enough for you to wear it all day long. So what do you do when you find a bra that fits all of your criteria?

Buy a Bunch in Every Color!
Does this sound like you? When you find a bra you like, do you buy several in different colors and call it a day? It’s an easy way to build up your bra wardrobe and avoid having to deal with the whole fit issue entirely. And it’s a very tempting solution when you find a bra that fits the way you want, feels comfortable all day long, and looks great! It’s a good idea, too, because designers like to keep up with the industry and offer new options and designs, so you never know when a design you love might get discontinued. You can’t rely on it to be around forever!

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Wear it ‘till it Falls Apart
If you’re not the type of woman who likes to stock up on a favorite bra, you probably fall into another common category: women who wear their favorite bras until they fall apart! You love it so much you wear it more often than you should, because it’s the only bra in your wardrobe that fits that way or feels that comfortable – which means it wears out too quickly.

To maximize the longevity of your bra, you should really switch it up every day so you don’t stretch it out too quickly or add wear and tear from washing too frequently. To ensure the longest lifespan possible, you should really only wear the same bra once or twice a week tops, and never two days in a row. If you’re wearing it back to back, you’re going to wear it out faster. This is why we recommend having several everyday bras in your wardrobe; you can switch them out and extend their lifespan by not wearing or washing them too frequently.

If you have a favorite bra you just can’t get enough, you probably should put yourself in the first category – stock up on multiples of it – or find several great everyday bras to ease the strain on your favorite.

Which category are you?

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