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What Do People Really Want for Christmas?

The spirit of the holidays is about spending time with family and friends, but giving has become a huge part of the ritual. In fact, some people feel that the holiday season has become too commercial, and that too much emphasis is placed on expensive gifts and “what people want.” Whether you think gift-giving-and-receiving is fun, or whether you feel that the holidays have gotten too commercial, there’s no doubting that this time of the year people spend time thinking about what they want. What do people really want for Christmas?

Kids Want Electronics
Electronics are everywhere, and kids have grown up in the midst of a high-tech gadget world. Kids around the country all say the same thing: they want some kind of electronic device for Christmas. In some cases, it’s video games. Other times, it’s a remote control car (airplane, helicopter) or other electronic toy. Things like iPads, iPods and other electronic gadgets also rank high on the list. While it’s expensive, kids are ultimately easy to shop for; get them something electronic, and they’ll probably be happy. Kids are also typically more than willing to tell you what they want.

Adults Want More Intangible Things
Among adults, the most popular responses to “what do you want for Christmas” are often more wide-reaching things. On one popular forum, answers included “a cure for cancer,” “a cure for diabetes,” “peace on Earth,” and “a healthy family.” But people also wanted more concrete, day-to-day things, such as health insurance, raises, and full-time jobs. Popular on the gadget list were bigger TVs, new laptops or computers, cameras and car repairs or better cars.

Realistically, without going into debt, most families won’t be able to make these expensive adult wishes a reality. Studies have shown that fewer and fewer people are willing to take out new debt as the economy remains sluggish, so these big Christmas wishes are probably going to get put off a while longer. But many adults also have small wants, and giving these small gifts can be just as special.

Among women, the “small wants” tend to include things like kitchen gadgets, DVDs or Blu-ray discs of popular TV shows and movies, and gift cards for clothing stores. Men are similarly simple in the “small wants,” with many happy to receive DVDs or Blu-ray discs of their favorite TV shows or movies, various electronic gadgets such as the Kindle Fire, Barnes and Noble’s Nook or Apple’s iPad, or tools.

Here at Big Girls’ Bras, we’re happy to help with these “small wants” to make an adult’s Christmas a special one. Men, if you’re still looking for a last-minute gift idea, get her a gift card for Big Girls’ Bras. She can go wild and shop for a new swimsuit, or maybe a bra and panty set you can both enjoy. This is a great way to satisfy her “small wants!”

And ladies, if you haven’t gotten anything for yourself this holiday season, indulge! Buy yourself something small, like a new pair of panties, or get a great new swimsuit for the spring. And remember, gifts for you can also be gifts for him!

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