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What Bra Size is Too Big?

When it comes to bra size, there’s a lot of baggage and misinformation floating around. An often-quoted statistic says that 80% of women wear the wrong bra size – or more. This happens for a variety of reasons, but one key reason is because women have mental associations with bra size and their body image. Some women think things like “I can’t be a G cup – that’s huge!” and try to squeeze into a cup size that’s too small for them. Other women equate bigger bust sizes with being treated better, and may try to wear a bra that’s too big out of a mental association with the benefits of having a big bust.

Forget everything you think you know about bra sizes. If you want to look great in your clothes, you need to find out what fits your body – not be tied to a letter and number combination that you think defines you.

How Big is Too Big?
Some women resist wearing the proper bra size because they feel that the cup or band is just “too big.” People have all kinds of mental associations with bra size, including sexist perceptions that women with big busts aren’t as smart, or are more attractive. Realistically, your bust is just another part of your body – it has nothing to do with your personality or intelligence.

There’s no such thing as “too big” – you are the size you are, and you’ll look better in your clothes if you accept that size. Some women feel that D and E cups are huge, but realistically, a large portion of the population is within that size range. It’s almost average. Big Girls’ Bras carries bra cup sizes all the way up to an L, and band sizes as large as a 56.

Repercussions of Wearing the Wrong Bra Size
Tying yourself to a letter and number combination is a bad idea. Your body is likely to change as you go through the different phases of your life, and your bra size will change with it. Not only is it bad for your body image to wear an ill-fitting bra that doesn’t look good on you, but you can actually face short-term and long-term medical problems if you don’t wear the right bra size.

Wearing a bra that’s too small or doesn’t offer the right support can cause breathing problems, headaches, shoulder strain and back problems. Long-term, wearing the wrong bra size can cause permanent stretching or deformation of your breast tissue or shoulders.

Think a bra is uncomfortable when it digs into your shoulders? Think about doing that for years – there are women with permanent, deep grooves in their shoulders from their bra straps. How about uncomfortable underwires digging into your breast tissue? Your breast can become permanently deformed through underwires that are too tight and don’t hit your body in the right place.

Don’t tie yourself to a specific bra size for the sake of vanity, or some mental perception that a certain bra size is “too big.” Go through our fitting information and find the right bra size. Better yet, have a professional bra fitting. Wearing the right bra size will change the way you look at yourself in the mirror, and it can change your life.

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