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Should You Be Wearing a Contour-Style Bra or a Softer Seamed Bra?

10-29-contour-or-seamedWomen have a lot to consider when it comes to shopping for bras. It’s not as simple as finding a bra in your size, grabbing it and being good to go. Women have to think about which styles are best for them, and even whether the brand’s sizing is a match for their bra size, or whether they need to get a different size in a given brand. But one thing women may not know they should consider is whether they should get a molded cup, contour-style bra, or a softer-seamed bra.

Which Type of Breasts are a Good Fit for Contour-Style Bras?
Not all breasts are a good fit for contour-style bras. These are bras that have molded cups, seamless bras, padded bras and other pre-formed bra styles. Contour-style bras can be good for women with certain breast types that will fit well into the cups. Women with firm breasts can wear contour-style cups, and even women with loose breast tissue can wear the right kind of contour bras.

Contour bras are also good at disguising some common and uncommon breast shape challenges. For example, women with asymmetrical breasts that are within a cup size of one another benefit nicely from molded cup bra styles and other bras with a more rigid structure. The contour bras can hide the fact that the breasts are asymmetrical, and can make the bust look proportional under clothes.

However, if the difference is too great, and the breast tissue can’t fill out the contour cup, it can make uncommon breast shapes more obvious. When your breast doesn’t fill out a contour cup nicely, it can “collapse” under the weight of clothes, bags or anything that pushes against the cup, and it becomes very obvious under form-fitted clothes and t-shirts.

So basically: only wear a contour cup bra if your breast tissue fills out the cups nicely. Otherwise, it can be a detriment instead of an asset.

When Should You Wear a Softer-Seamed Bra?
Women with a couple of particular breast shape challenges may benefit more from a softer-seamed bra than a contour bra: women with an omega breast shape, and women with a reduced projection breast shape. For both of these types of breasts, a softer-seamed cup is more “forgiving” than a contour cup. It will conform more readily to your breast shape, and it will look more natural under clothes.

Additionally, multi-part cups are great for providing support. Women with full busts benefit from softer-seamed bras in three-part or four-part cups because they provide more shaping and support than a molded cup or other contour-style bra. If you’ve got a large cup size, experiment with both contour and soft-seamed bra styles and see which works best for your body. It can go either way, depending on the firmness of the tissue, so it’s helpful for full-busted women to try both styles.

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