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Would You Wear the Nipple Bra?


One of the things we love to do here at Big Girls Bras is to stay on top of all of the crazy trends in bras and lingerie, and look at the history and evolution of the field. You might be surprised by some of the crazy things that women have worn throughout the years, but today we’re going to turn our focus to an outrageous contraption from the 1970s: the nipple bra! Take a look at this thing – would you wear the nipple bra?


Check Out The Nipple Bra from the 1970s!
This has got to be one of the craziest things I’ve seen people trying to get women to wear over the years: the Nipple Bra! This vintage accessory comes from a time when the nipple was considered an acceptable focal point for a woman’s look. That’s right: this is a bra that is intentionally designed to look like your nipples are poking out of your shirt!

The idea behind this bra was that women could have the support of a bra, which would make the boobs look perky and firm – but the nipples provide the illusion of going bra-less! The ad bills this as “sensual” and “provocative” – which it is! – and it says “it’s so sexy, it’ll give your shape a whole new eye-opening dimension.”

So how about it, ladies? Would you wear the Nipple Bra?

The Shift in Society and Bra Design
Part of the reason that the nipple bra seems so outrageous to us today is the shift in our society since the 1970s. In some ways, we’re more progressive, but in some, we’ve actually become more conservative.

Many of today’s bra designs feature specific details to minimize the look of the nipples! Molded cup bras and padded bras are, in part, designed to prevent nipple show-through, which many women find embarrassing. Fewer women want to call attention to the nipples today; in part, because it has become so socially acceptable to wear a bra, and in part, because visible nipples are almost innately sexual. Many workplaces have dress codes designed to prevent things like visible nipples – think about how distracting it would be for women to walk around with their nips pointing out all over the place! And many women simply don’t like the kind of attention and sexual interest that comes with visible nipples.

But of course, for everything there is a time and a place. Some women find it sexy to flash hard nips – and if you’re trying to seal the deal with someone you’re attracted to, it definitely can’t hurt! And as a feminist, part of me definitely thinks we ought to be able to walk around wearing whatever we want – we shouldn’t have to care what people think if our nipples are visible, because the human body is perfectly natural and we shouldn’t have to feel like sex objects when we’re walking down the street, puttering around in the office, or just going about our days.

What do you think about visible nipples? Would you wear the nipple bra? Do you think that hiding away the nipples is a good thing, a bad thing, or are you indifferent?

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