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We Remember: 9/11

There’s no question that a blog on a bra and swimsuit website is about women, for women. Today, I had intended to take a moment to remember the women who lost their lives on 9/11. I researched the statistics, and even took a look at ways that various women’s organizations are honoring today. But if 9/11 taught us one thing, it’s that we must stand united. Not as separate groups; women and men. Not as employee, visitor, firefighter. There are plenty of heroines from that day that we could celebrate now… but instead, let us take a moment to remember how united we all felt in the wake of that disaster, and how we can best honor those lives lost today.

A Disaster Beyond Boundaries
Women were victims in the attacks on 9/11. Women were at the World Trade Center, and at the Pentagon, and on all of the flights involved that day, including the heroic passengers of flight 93. Female police, EMTs and firefighters lost their lives that day. Women volunteered as chaplains, doctors and nurses, and rescue workers.

But 9/11 was a disaster beyond boundaries. Men who died that day outnumber women 3 to 1. Over 1,600 people lost a spouse or partner in the attacks. Over 3,000 children lost a parent that day. Nearly 20% of Americans personally know someone who was hurt or killed in the attacks. And it’s a disaster that continues to impact people who were there that day; firefighters are dying in huge numbers even now of various cancers, which many believe is from breathing the toxic fumes and debris that day.

While we think of 9/11 as a uniquely American event, because it’s an attack that happened on American soil that has been unparalleled before or since – the truth is that it has impacted people around the world. Citizens of 115 nations died that day – people who were flying that day, people who were here for work and people who were just visiting. It wasn’t just Americans who lost their lives.

Abroad, the tragedy continues, with many civilians among the hurt and killed in the bombings in Afghanistan – bombings that are our response to this attack. Hundreds of thousands of Afghans are now refugees, homeless and starving – in part because of the military activity that we’ve conducted there. We can’t think of the 9/11 tragedy as an event that only affects us.

And of course, there’s our military men and women who continue to suffer and sacrifice as a result of this infamous day in history. It’s been 11 years since the attack, and we still have soldiers stationed abroad in a direct response to this day. While American troops are finally being withdrawn, it’s still years until this withdrawal is complete, and our soldiers face very real danger in the meantime.

There is no question that September 11, 2001 has left a lasting impact on the American psyche and the American people. We’ll likely to continue to feel affects of this attack for decades to come. Today, let us take a moment to remember those we’ve lost. This was truly a disaster beyond boundaries, and we pray that it’s something we never have to experience again.

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