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Did you know Big Girls Bras has a YouTube channel where we upload awesome videos designed to give you helpful fitting advice, how-to info, info about what to expect when you order from Big Girls Bras – and more? Well we do! If you’ve been to our page, you’ve probably already seen some of the awesome videos we’ve uploaded in the past. You’ll find video reviews of some of our hottest bras, discussions about fit, how to identify and address common fit problems and some special insider techniques like the “Swoop & Scoop.” We’ve recently started uploading new videos again, so check us out – and tell us what you’d like to see!

Visit Our YouTube Page for Awesome Fit Info
We’ve been blessed to work with some awesome experts in the industry to bring our staff – and you – the info you’ve always wanted about properly fitting bras, how to deal with common fit problems, how to measure for proper bra fit, and even insider techniques like the “Swoop and Scoop” to make sure the girls are fitting properly into your new bra! If you’ve ever been dissatisfied by how a bra fits, or wondered where exactly a bra should fall or how to measure in order to properly fit a bra – we’ve got it for you. Demystify the bra shopping experience by checking out these videos!

Find Out about New Products
We also love to tell you about – and show you – some of our hottest new products! You’ll see reviews for some of the top bras on our site, including the popular LeMystere Dream Tisha Bra! We’ve got profiles and info about some of our favorite brands, like Prima Donna and Empriente. A few weeks ago, we posted a chat about swimwear talk to launch our new for 2013 Swimwear collection, highlighting a Sunsets Separates tankini that’s one of our employee favorites. We love to highlight popular brands and items on our site – and maybe tell you about something you’ve never seen before but you’re going to love!

Tell Us What You’d Like to See!
With our newest round of recent uploads, we’re really trying to give you what YOU want to see. Is there something you’ve always wanted to know about bras that one of our experts can tell you? Do you have questions about ordering from Big Girls Bras? (One of our recent uploads is a video of one of our employees opening a new bra she ordered from BGB, so you’ll have an idea what to expect and the things that are important to check when you get your new bra. Also, how our return form works!)

We’re here for you! We want you to be happy and find that fabulous new bra or swimsuit that makes you look and feel like a million bucks. So tell us what YOU want to see! Drop us a note on Facebook, Twitter or Google+, comment on our videos on YouTube or send us an email – and happy shopping!

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