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Unraveling the Cup Size Mystery

Cup size is one of the core elements of shopping for bras, and while the concept is simple, the reality is anything but! In theory, if you’re properly fitted, you know the number and letter combination that makes up your bra size – for example, 34F – but that doesn’t mean that every bra you find in 34DDD will fit! Different manufacturers use different sizing conventions, so there’s no such thing as a universal size – your size will vary depending on which manufacturer you use. Fortunately, here at Big Girls’ Bras, we want to make it easy to find the right bras for you – so we offer manufacturer sizing comparison charts to make sure you’re buying your size!

Make Sure You’re Properly Fitted
First and foremost, you’ve got to make sure you’re properly fitted for your bra! 4 out of 5 women wear the wrong bra size, and the most common problem is a cup size that is too small with a band size that is too big! If you find your band riding up in back or your straps stretching and your bust drooping, you’re probably experiencing this problem. Another symptom of this issue is a center gore that doesn’t sit flush against your chest, or underwires that rest against breast tissue instead of against the chest wall. Consult our fit guidelines to make sure you’re properly fitted and know your bra size!

Consult the Sizing Chart on Bra Pages
When you look at bras on Big Girls’ Bras, you’ll notice a sizing chart on our bra pages. This sizing chart compares the brand you’re looking at with Standard U.S. sizing, and other similar brands. If you wear a 34DDD in Standard U.S. sizing, for example, you may find that you’re a 34E in Panache or Freya, or a 34F in Simone Perele. The brand-specific sizing chart on every page makes it easy for you to use your U.S. size to find the corresponding size in the manufacturer that you’re viewing, and to compare it with similar brands if you already know what sizes fit you well in these comparable brands!

Take the mystery out of manufacturer-specific cup sizing with our easy-to-use sizing charts. You’ll also find a master size/fit chart on our How to Fit a Bra page, which can help you find your size in any manufacturer that we carry!

Differences in Sizing from US to Europe
European manufacturers tend to use a standard alphabetic sizing chart. So in many European brands, such as bras made in the UK or France, you’ll see sizes ranging from A to J with no repeating. However, here in the U.S., we use DD and DDD, which most of Europe doesn’t use, so anything in these sizes and above may not correspond with European sizing.

Some European companies also use double letter designations; Panache and Freya, for example, use FF, GG, HH and JJ. So that adds more variation in sizes above the standard “D” sizing. Almost all brands use the same sizing up through D; it’s after D that bra sizing can get confusing! So make sure you’re buying the right bra size when you’re shopping for your new bra.

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