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Underwire Bras Don’t have to be Uncomfortable!

Underwire bras are one of the best inventions known to womankind. They offer support for the fuller-busted among us, and they give you a bra that won’t sag as the day goes by. But some women hate underwire bras because they feel uncomfortable, or because the underwire digs into the ribs, into the boobs or into the soft underarm area. Do you want the support of an underwire bra without the discomfort? Then here’s what you need to know about finding the right underwire bra for you!

Fit, Fit, Fit
Today’s underwire bras are, by and large, comfortable contraptions. They’re made with thoughtful design features that prevent many of the issues that make underwires feel uncomfortable in the first place. But the best made bra in the world won’t feel comfortable if it doesn’t fit right! Things like the underwire digging into your ribs and the underwire digging into your breasts or pinching you are caused by poor fit. So the first thing you need to do when you’re shopping for an underwire bra is to make sure you’re wearing the right size, and that it fits properly.

If the underwire bra is properly fitted:

  • The band of the bra rests firmly and snugly against your body. You should be able to fit one or two fingers underneath the band, but not more than that – and it shouldn’t pull away easily. It should lie flat in back; if it rides up in back, the band size is probably too big.
  • The center gore of the bra should lie flat against your chest between your breasts. If the center gore is not lying flat against your body, the bra doesn’t fit. Most common in this scenario is the cups are too small and the band is too large.
  • The cups should encompass your breasts, with the underwire lying flat against your rib cage and coming up around the edge of your breast, where the breast meets your chest wall. If the underwire is too far forward, for example if the underwire is lying on your breast tissue, the cup size isn’t big enough and the underwire is going to dig in uncomfortably. In some cases, even a properly fitted bra will have a badly placed underwire – this just means that particular bra design isn’t right for your body. But most of the time, the problem is fit.

If you haven’t checked out our fit guidelines yet, take a look to help you make sure you’re wearing the right size!

Check Out These Super-Comfortable Underwire Bras
With the right fit, most of our underwire bras will make you feel comfortable and delightfully supported! But if you’d like a little help getting started, these are a few of our most popular comfortable underwire bras:

Do you have a favorite underwire bra? Let us know which one of our great underwire bras you think is the most comfortable!

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