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Understanding Low Impact and High Impact Bras

When shopping for a sport bra, you’ll encounter some terms you might not be familiar with. Arguably some of the most important terms you’ll encounter are “low-impact” and “high-impact.” If these are terms you haven’t heard before, you might not realize how vital they are to finding the right sports bra. Even if you do know the difference, shopping for a sports bra is much simpler if you know what you’re looking for.

High Impact Bras
High-impact bras are bras that are designed for very active workouts and exercise. “High-impact” is a term used to describe some types of exercise that place a lot of exertion and force on the body. Technically, high impact is any sport or exercise where both feet leave the ground simultaneously. This includes sports and activities like running, jump rope, jumping jacks or hopping. The term high-impact has also been expanded to cover sports that include these activities, such as football, basketball or soccer.

When you’re doing high-impact exercise, it’s important to wear a high-impact sport bra. Because high-impact activities are quite jarring, and involve both feet leaving the ground at the same time, you need a high impact bra to protect against bounce. A good high-impact bra will hold your bust in place while you’re running, jumping rope, doing jumping jacks or other high impact activities.

Generally speaking, a high impact sports bra is a good choice for any really active exercises. Examples of high-impact sports bras include the popular Enell Sports Bra or the La Breeza Aerobics Sport Bra and High Impact Running Bra.

Low Impact Bras
In contrast, low impact exercise and workouts are activities that don’t involve a lot of jarring activity. Riding a stationary bike, for example, is a low-impact activity. Other popular low-impact workouts include things like yoga, weight training or exercising on an elliptical. Low impact activities are a good balance for high-impact exercise, and they’re a good choice for people with knee injuries or other potential health problems that prevent high-impact exercise.

A low impact sport bra typically has a different design and support structure than a high impact bra. A low impact bra doesn’t have to protect against bounce and the jarring of high-impact activities, so it typically has a less robust support structure. However, low-impact sports bras may be less restrictive than a high-impact bra, and may be better at moving with you when you do slow-moving, focused activities. Examples of low-impact sports bras include the Grenier Cotton Light Sports Support Bra or the Anita Active Soft Cup Sports Bras.

Match the Sport Bra to Your Activity Level
Both high-impact and low-impact sports bras have their place in your wardrobe. A balanced lifestyle includes both types of exercise, and different types of sports bras work best for these different activities. Ultimately, for the best support and workout experience, match your sports bra to your activity level. This may mean having multiple sports bras and using different bras for different types of workouts. However, your comfort and the level of protection that your bust gets from different types of bras can make a world of difference in your active lifestyle.

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