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Two-Piece Swimsuits that Aren’t Bikinis

Some women love the flexibility in styles that two-piece swimsuits offer, but want more modest coverage than a bikini can provide. Many women are self-conscious about their stomachs; especially after having kids; but enjoy the style options and mix-and-match capabilities of a two-piece swimsuit. Even women who aren’t self-conscious about their tummies may simply choose not to show as much skin as a typical bikini does. Whatever your reasons, if you’re interested in two-piece swimsuits but don’t want a bikini, all is not lost. All of our designers feature great tankini options that still give you a wide range of necklines and style choices, without showing off what you don’t want to show off.

Tankinis Offer Great Mix-and-Match Potential
One reason to choose a tankini over a one-piece swimsuit is that they offer great mix-and-match potential. With a tankini, you can pair a patterned top with a solid bottom, or vice versa. You also have the flexibility of choosing how much you want to show in a bottom, with different bottom options available. Two-piece styles give you more opportunity to show off your individual style and pick and choose your favorites from many collections.

You can also decide how much coverage you want when you choose a tankini top paired with a two-piece bottom. Some tankinis cover your entire belly and hit below the top of your bottom, giving you the coverage of a one-piece with the ease and flexibility of a two-piece. But other tankini styles let you show a bit of sexy belly without revealing it all. It’s entirely up to you to decide how much you want to show, and you can control that by choosing more or less conservative tankini styles and pairing them with higher or lower-waisted bottoms.










Tankinis may Offer a More Forgiving Fit
Some tankini styles have the benefit of offering a more forgiving fit than either a one-piece or a two-piece style. If you’re self-conscious about your body, choose a more loose-fit, flowing style of tankini; not one of the body-hugging styles. These styles can still conceal your belly or other problem areas with a loose fit, while giving you the benefit of the mix-and-match style capabilities of a two-piece swimsuit.

Finding the Right Tankini
To find the right tankini swimsuit, think about the type of fit you want. Do you want a loose-fitting tankini, or a more form-fitting style? Do you want strapless or straps? Halter style? Patterned or solid? Underwire or not?

Pairing with the Right Bottoms
Bottoms offer just as many style options and choices as tankini tops. You can find high-cut bottoms, or low-cut bottoms. Bottoms with foldover styles let you choose to wear either, depending on how you feel that day. You can get full-coverage briefs, or low-cut tie-side bikini bottoms to really show off your body. Pairing your tankini top with the right bottoms makes a huge difference in how you look and feel in your swimsuit.










Browse our swimwear collection to find the right two-piece swimsuit for you – even if bikinis aren’t your style.

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