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Turn Your Friday into FUN-day!

9-26-friday-fundayAnother week has gone by, and we’ve almost made it to Friday! For those of us who work a Monday through Friday work week, Friday is often the best day of the week – the weekend is almost here, and if we can just get through a few more hours of work, we’ll be home free for two days! But Friday doesn’t have to be just “the day before the weekend” – with a little work and some good ideas, you can turn your Friday into FUN-day! Give these tips a try and have a great day tomorrow!

Start Your Day with a Friday Fun-Day Workout!
It can be tough to get up early to exercise, but believe it or not, exercise is actually a great way to start the day! It gives you more energy, and releases happy-making chemicals in your brain. In honor of Friday Fun-Day, enjoy a nice quick workout – outdoors, even, if the weather is nice enough! You can do a few circuits using only your body, without any special exercise equipment, and it will burn calories and get your body moving to give you a great start to the day. This is one of my favorite Friday Fun-Day workouts: Friday Fun Day Workout: The Great Outdoors!

Bonus fun if you can get your friends to join you!

Start a Fun Friday Tradition at Work
What would make Friday better at work? Start a fun tradition that your entire workplace can join! Many workplaces have a more casual dress code on Friday, so you could start with that and shake things up to create some fun. Some places do “themed” dress on Fridays – maybe one Friday is Hawaiian shirt day, a Friday in winter might be “bad/ugly sweater Friday” – be creative! My husband’s office does “Bow Ties & Pearls” on Friday – the guys wear bow-ties and the girls wear pearls (or bow ties, if they want!) and the CEO buys coffee for everyone who participates.

It doesn’t have to be a dress-related tradition – maybe it’s something as simple as gathering around the water cooler and comparing plans for the weekend, or maybe you take turns bringing in some fun toy from home – like an RC helicopter – and play with it for a few minutes. Anything to lighten the mood and bring the office together can make things a lot more fun. Pick something appropriate for your workplace and let the Friday fun-day traditions commence!

Create a Friday Food Tradition
Another favorite Friday tradition is a food tradition! In one of my friend’s households, Friday is “make your own pizza” night at home! Everyone gets to create wacky combinations and enjoy a home-cooked meal and a fun time together (and her kids love it!) Another friend has a work tradition of bringing in breakfast for the company every Friday – each department takes turns supplying breakfast, and the members of the department cook or bring delicious food from nearby bakeries. My hubby and I like to go out for dinner on Fridays – it’s a nice treat, and it’s a great way to sneak in a regular “date night.”

Friday doesn’t just have to be “the day before the weekend!” Start some fun traditions to turn Friday itself into a day you look forward to all week – make your own Friday Fun-Day!

Do you have a great Friday fun-day idea? Share it with the rest of us – we could all use some more fun in our lives!

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