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Triangle Body Type? Swimsuits that Enhance Your Bust

This week, we’re looking at the best swimwear for particular body types. Women are not one-size-fits-all, and here at Big Girls Bras, we believe in celebrating what makes you unique! Why try to squeeze your body into swimwear that just doesn’t flatter you? Find the swimsuit that works best for your figure to accentuate the positive and look smokin’ hot at the pool or beach! Today, we’re looking at which swimsuits are best for a triangle body type. If you’ve got a triangle body shape, prepare to soak up some knowledge and learn how to look fabulous!

The Best Swimwear for a Triangle Body
A triangle body type is one of the most common bodies. This body shape tends to be narrower through the shoulders and bust, and proportionally wider through the hips and thighs. When you’re shopping for a swimsuit for a triangle body, you want to look for styles that enhance or emphasize the upper part of the body – the bust and shoulders – and minimize the hips. Bold prints on top, and underwire cups to add volume and shape are great ways to style the top half of the body. For the bottom, look for lower rise swimwear that minimizes the hips. Great accessories, such as grommets or hardware at the neckline or along the bust, help to emphasize the top half and complete the look.

Swimsuits Tops for Triangle Body Types
The Freya Mystere Swimwear Top Plunge 3101 is one of our favorite swimsuit tops for a triangle body type. This plunge top with underwire really helps you emphasize and accent your bustline, giving you great cleavage. This bold design featuring paisley with purples, pinks and oranges on a coco base draws the eye and adds volume, while the wide-set straps create a wider neckline and really give an illusion of more width to your top half.

Another great style is the Freya Flamingo Swimwear Top Halter 2150. Ruffles add a feminine touch to this bright print, and add volume on top. Underwire offers lift and support, and it creates great cleavage with a widening line that helps to make your top half more proportional.

The Tara Grinna Elena Underwire Bikini Swim Bra with Adjustable Strap Style 102 is another great choice for triangle-shape women. Again, you have the bold, colorful print that draws the eye, and the underwire top adds lift and support and helps to create great cleavage. The straps are wide-set and feature a hardware ring accent that helps to draw the eyes to the widest part of the shoulders, giving the illusion of more width and really helping to even out the top and bottom half.

Swimsuit Bottoms for a Triangle Body Shape
Low rise swimwear that minimizes the hips is a great way to help even out the top and bottom half. Something like the Aerin Rose Low Rise Tie Side Hipster Bikini Bottom 404 is a great option – because of where it hits the body, it makes your bottom half seem smaller. Paired with the right top, you can really emphasize your assets!

Most of our great low rise bottoms would pair nicely with a good top to create a fabulous look for your body type!

Ready to shop, triangle ladies? Check out our complete swimwear collection to create just the right look for your body!

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