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Top Strapless Bras for Wedding Dresses!

Spring is here tomorrow – and with it, Spring weddings! I’m getting married in a few weeks, so I’ve been paying a lot more attention than usual to wedding stuff – everything from favors and food, to the right foundation garments to wear under your wedding dress! This is one of the most important days of our lives, and the pictures will last forever – so it’s important to make sure you’re looking your best on your big day. You need the right support from your bra, and you have to pick the right bra for your dress. No pressure, right?

Yesterday, I talked about my search for a long line bra to wear with my wedding dress. I chose the Elomi Smoothing Bustier 1231. But unfortunately, this longline bra was visible under my dress, so my seamstress told me to get a plain old strapless bra! I’ve been skeptical about strapless bras for my body, because I’ve got a fuller bust, and in the past, I’ve tried strapless bras that end up constantly sliding down under the weight of my bust, not providing the support I want and need. This is even more of an issue in a wedding dress, because the last thing I want is to look saggy in my wedding pictures! But it’s such an important day that I decided I should give it a try to see if I can improve on the visible long line bra problem, so I delved into the world of the strapless bra!

The Best Strapless Bras for Wedding Dresses
I needed a strapless bra that had a slightly lower cup top, as my Elomi long line bra was visible under my dress – so I did what I always tell our shoppers to do! I triple-checked my size by measuring according to our new Bra Fit Guide (both ways!), and I cross-referenced the Bra Cup Size Comparison chart to figure out what size I was in each of the brands. And then I went bra shopping!

After comparing all of the strapless bras to find lower-cut cups and a fit I thought might work for my full bust, I chose two bras, just in case: the Dominique Seamless Molded Strapless Bra 3541, and the Fantasie of England Smoothing Seamless Strapless Bra 4530.

The Dominique Seamless Molded Strapless Bra 3541 looked perfect – the cups are a bit lower and it offers some nice support and cleavage. And when it came, the bra fit like a dream! The sizing chart and comparison is spot-on, and I feel supported in this bra. Even better, I don’t feel like this bra is going to slip down when I wear it! This will probably be the bra I wear with my dress, but I reserve the right to change my mind up till the big day.

However, after the issue with the long line bra fit, I was afraid to trust one bra, so I also got the Fantasie of England Smoothing Seamless Strapless Bra 4530. It looked like it might provide a bit more support if the Dominique bra didn’t work out for me, and I’ve always been happy with Fantasie as a brand. When it arrived, I was thrilled! This is another great bra, and it does provide more coverage than the Dominique bra – but it might be too much coverage with my dress. I’ll try it when I pick up the dress from the seamstress on Thursday, but the Dominique bra will probably be the one I end up wearing. I do love the non-slip finish of this bra, though – I think it might be more comfortable for all-day wear.

It’s really reassuring to have options, and both bras are great, so I don’t mind adding them to my wardrobe. Both have removable straps, so you can wear them as regular bras or you can go strapless. I’d recommend both if you need a strapless bra to wear with your wedding dress – even if you’re fuller-figured or full-busted like me!

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