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Top 5 Reasons You Need a Good Sports Bra

Every woman should have at least one good sports bra in her wardrobe, but most women could do with a few. Why do you need a sports bra, you ask, when you could just wear an old ratty bra to work out in? Honestly, there are a ton of good reasons to wear a sports bra, but here are our top five:

5. They’re comfortable.
Even if you don’t work out, sports bras are just plain comfortable! Many women like to wear them on the weekends, or when they’re out running errands or walking the dogs, just because they’re typically more comfortable than underwire bras or the more constraining bras you wear to work.

4. They move with you.
A well-designed sports bra moves with you. That means that no matter what you’re doing, you don’t have to worry about popping out of your bra. You also don’t have to worry about the discomfort of an underwire or side-boning poking into you while you’re doing activities that move your body, such as yoga or Pilates.

3. Moisture-wicking.
If you’re getting sweaty, the moisture-wicking property of sports bras makes them a heck of a lot more comfortable to wear than other types of bras. Moisture-wicking fabrics are must-haves if you’re working out. But even if you’re just doing stuff outdoors in warm weather, such as mowing the lawn or weeding your flower garden, moisture-wicking fabric makes the difference between feeling like your breasts are soaking in a swamp and feeling cool and dry. Moisture-wicking fabrics can also help protect your skin by keeping sweat away from you, and by preventing moisture-related rashes or skin irritation.

2. Bounce-prevention.
Bounce-prevention is something that fuller-figured women are perpetually seeking. If you’ve got C cup breasts or above, you’ve probably experienced the dreaded bounce when running or jogging, or even walking fast. Bounce is also an issue in many activities, such as horseback riding, volleyball, or even aerobics such as jumping jacks. About 60% of women experience breast pain during exercise; stop being a part of this statistic by finding a good sports bra that will reduce bounce!

1. A good sports bra protects your breasts!
Finally, here it is – the number one reason to wear a good sports bra: a good sports bra protects your breasts! Researchers have found that not only are bouncing boobs uncomfortable; they can also be causing permanent damage to your breast tissue. Bouncing can cause strain on the muscles that hold the breasts to the chest wall, stretching or tearing these muscles and ultimately causing sagging and a loss of elasticity in your breast tissue. In other words: bouncing boobs can prematurely age your breasts! Wearing the right sports bra can prevent bouncing, and protect your breasts from damage and sagging. Do you really need any other reason?

Ready to add a good sports bra or three to your wardrobe? Check out our selection of sports bras, and start enjoying the freedom and comfort that a good sports bra can give you!

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