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Top 10 Bra Fit Myths

We’ve been looking at bra myths recently, and no myths are more pervasive than bra fit myths. To help you understand bra fitting, we’ll take a look at the 10 most common bra fit myths and the true facts to help you find the right bra:

  1. If I just keep looking, I’ll find the perfect bra.
  2. There is no such thing as the perfect bra. It doesn’t exist. The key is to find the right bra style and fit for your body.

  3. If I had a different body, my bra would fit better.
  4. Women come in all shapes and sizes. You just need to find a bra style that suits your shape and body. Keep looking until you find the right bra.

  5. I prefer a loose-fitting bra because it’s more comfortable.
  6. A properly-fitted bra is the most comfortable bra you can wear. Loose bras don’t provide the support you need, and may shift during activities.

  7. I experience back pain and shoulder stiffness because of my shape and fullness.
  8. Back and shoulder pain is often a result of women wearing the wrong bra size. Wear a bra that fits properly in the band; this may mean buying a smaller band size with a larger cup size. The body of the bra should support 90% of the weight of your bust; straps should only support 10%.

  9. I think underwires make bras uncomfortable.
  10. In a well-fitted bra, you don’t even feel the underwire. If an underwire seems uncomfortable, pokes into your skin or sits on your breast tissue, you’re wearing the wrong size.

  11. My bra shows back fat so it must be too tight.
  12. A properly-fitted bra should sit level all the way around your body. It shouldn’t ride up in back. A properly fitted bra minimizes the appearance of soft tissue on the back, and encases the side tissue to prevent show-through and increase comfort.

  13. Minimizers work by compressing breast tissue.
  14. You should avoid compressing your breast tissue; it’s unhealthy. A minimizer bra lifts and centers the breast tissue, increasing the surface area on your chest to make you look wider, taller and thinner!

  15. Sports bras that compress the breast tissue work best during exercise.
  16. If you use a compression-style sports bra, your bust actually moves as a solid block, which can damage your root tissue closest to the chest wall. You want a sports bra with seamed support that distributes the weight of the breast tissue and provides proper support.

  17. If I want to prevent nipples from showing, I must wear padded or thick bras.
  18. You can minimize nipple show-through by positioning the seam of your bra across your nipple. Shifting and irritation can cause the nipple to become erect, and a properly fitted bra can prevent this, leading to fewer nipple problems.

  19. I can improve the firmness of my breast tissue through exercise.
  20. Breast tissue loses elasticity with a lack of support, age and exercise. Once the resilience of your breast tissue is lost, you can’t regain elasticity.

Whether you’ve got comfort issues, support issues or other problems, finding a well-fitted bra is the best thing you can do to to minimize discomfort and bra problems. Check out our bra fit page to help you find the right fit, and don’t hesitate to contact us with fit questions!

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