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Tips and Tricks for Getting the Best Swimsuit Support


With back-to-school time right around the corner and families rushing to enjoy as much vacation as possible before the warm weather flees, now is the time when many people are cramming in those last-minute beach days and pool days to make the most of the summer’s end! But few things are as embarrassing to women at the pool or beach as a lack of support in their swimsuits! Boobs look so sad when they’re droopy and unsupported, and droopy or saggy boobs can also make the entire figure look a bit flabby and less feminine. So today we’re going to share a few of our top tips and tricks for getting the best swimsuit support as you enjoy the coming beach and pool days!

Look for Bra-Sized Swimsuits
Buying a bra-sized swimsuit is the best way to ensure that you get the support you need! Buying a generic M or L swimsuit is always a crap-shoot, because you never know what the manufacturer will do in terms of sizing and support. You may get a tie-style swimsuit that lets you customize the fit, but if you’ve got a full bust – C, D or above – chances are good that a generic swimsuit isn’t going to give you the support you need!

Shop for a bra-sized swimsuit. Getting a swimsuit in a 34G is a lot better than buying an XL in hope that it’ll fit the boobs, find it lacks support or doesn’t fit elsewhere because the bust is so big, and have to ditch the swimsuit entirely. With a bra-sized swimsuit, you can customize your fit and look for styles that offer the support you need for your bust. Just make sure you’re wearing the right bra size!

Select an Underwire Swimsuit
Underwire swimsuits are God’s gift to full-busted women. Underwires provide the support you need as a fuller bust. Underwire swimsuits also tend to include sensible design features, like side slings, custom designed cups, padding to protect your modesty and flattering shaping for your bra size. Grab a bra-sized underwire swimsuit with a design that’s appropriate to your bust, and you’ll be all set for the beach or pool!

Consider Custom Alterations
If you’ve got a favorite swimsuit you just can’t bear to part with, you might try custom alterations. Some tailors and seamstresses can add things like underwires, padding and even sew a bra into the swimsuit for support. Keep in mind, though, that this doesn’t work with all swimsuit styles, and it’ll probably change the way your swimsuit looks and fits. By the time you add in the cost of alterations and any materials you need, you may be looking at the price of a new swimsuit – so there’s an argument to be made for scrapping that unsupportive swimwear and starting from scratch with a bra-sized swimsuit.

Do you have any other tricks you use for getting more support from your swimsuits?

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