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Tips and Tricks for Matching Your Bras with Your Clothes

10-31-tips-and-tricks-matching-bra-to-clothesWe all have our favorite bras – but not every bra is a match for every outfit! Certain types of clothes work best with certain types of bras. The trick is to mix and match until you find the perfect bra to go with your outfit – and it might not be your favorite bra at all! What do you need to know about looking great in everything you own? For starters:

You Need Bras of Different Shapes and Styles
Here’s something that most people don’t realize: you need different bra styles and shapes in your wardrobe, regardless of what “looks best” on you. For example, if you have the perfect breasts to rock a balcony bra, you might be tempted to wear it with everything you own! But not every outfit will look best with a balcony bra. If your breasts are full, some outfits might look better with a minimizer bra. Some outfits might look better if your breasts sit a little lower and flatter instead of high and perky. It’s important to have a variety of bra styles and shapes in your wardrobe so you can try different bras with your outfits.

Try, Try Again
Have you ever tried that shirt with a different bra? Take some time to go through your wardrobe and mix and match your shirts, dresses and bras.

One of my favorite bras of all time that fits perfectly and provides great support makes my breasts look just a little smaller and flatter. I like the look in a nice button-down shirt or other business-y type of top, but I hate the way it looks under a t-shirt. So I tried all of my bras, and found that one of my bras that doesn’t fit quite the same actually gives my breasts a nice round shape that I really like under a t-shirt – so now I don’t wear my favorite bra anymore when I’m wearing a t-shirt! I wear the other bra, because I like the look better under a t-shirt!

And then there’s the molded cup bra that’s designed for t-shirt wear, but I actually prefer it with some of my sexier going-out shirts, because it works really well with the neckline and shaping I want in those tops.

Bottom line: you need to mix it up! Try your favorite bras with a variety of outfits to see what works best!

Tips for Fitting Your Favorite Wardrobe items
Certain types of bras lend themselves well to different wardrobe items. For example:

  • For an empire-style top or dress, you want the breasts to look full and round – but not too full! If you’ve got large breasts, you might try a minimizer bra under empire styles. Otherwise, experiment with different full cups until you get something that looks proportional.
  • For low, sexy necklines, you want something that makes your cleavage nice and round. Try a push-up bra or cleavage bra.
  • Under a t-shirt, you want your breasts to be reasonably high and full – this look minimizes your waistline and helps you look svelte. But not too high! Otherwise you’ll look disproportional.

Mix and match your different bra styles and shapes until you create the perfect, proportional look for every outfit! Once you get a feel for how things fit, you’ll know exactly which bra to grab for your hot new wardrobe items.

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